Sunday, April 17, 2016

Day 17 - I'm Getting The Hang Of This Routine

Human 76: A post-apocalyptic surprise is coming!

I really think I am. Getting the routine, I mean. I'll probably have it down pat by day thirty.

Another free-form poem—to counter-balance the title, of course.

Of All Things

Of all the things
That make up a person,
Memories are the hardest for me to understand.

Not how memories saved within my brain
Or how they are recalled,
But which ones seem to come back so easily.

Why is it
That I can remember the exact smell
Of my grandmother's kitchen?

The toast,
The eggs fried in lard,
The blackberry jam she always had on the table

Are as fresh and clear
As they were a half-century ago.

Why are the fragrances of fishing
Along the bay's backwaters
As pungent as it was when I was a child?

The brackish water,
The small white perch,
The breeze from the reed-covered shore

Are still so strong
I can almost will myself backwards in time.

These aromas, and many others
Are locked into my subconscious,
Ready to erupt at the slightest prodding.

Nothing important happened
During those times,
There was no historical event

That occurred,
No milestone

That I was truly alive.

                      K.R. Smith

*I'm trying to write a poem each day for National Poetry Month. It's difficult to come up with original titles (that are interesting) for each post. I chose silly instead.

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