Tuesday, June 4, 2024

May 2024 Update

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The weather is getting warmer, and that's not all that's heating up! Yes, I know it's already a bit further into June than I'd like and I should have already posted this, so here's what happened in May...

A recent photo of Hidden Pond in Virginia. The pond has overhanging trees. It is mostly covered iin dickweed, a small aquatic plant.

Shore Leave will be here soon. I have to get the giveaway books together—although I'm not exactly certain how things will work out with the new venue. They say they are having an art show, but the details of where in the hotel have yet to be announced. I'll stop by, but I won't be selling this year. Maybe next time. There is also a last minute guest addition: J G Hertzler. I'm not familiar with him, but I'm sure many others are. Here's a bit from the Shore Leave site:
In theatre, Mr. Hertzler appeared opposite Academy Award winning actress, Holly Hunter in a new Irish play, By the Bog of Cats at San Jose Rep. Earlier, on Broadway, he appeared opposite Irene Pappas in The Bacchae, directed by Michael Cacoyannis. He has appeared with the Oscar winning actor, Roddy MacDowall in the 1996 National Tour of Dial M for Murder.

Perhaps his best-known work for television is his General Martok on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Other television credits include, Seinfeld, Roswell, Six Feet Under, Touched by an Angel, Charmed, Dr. Quinn, Diagnosis Murder, Quantum Leap, The Highlander, Brisco County Jr., Lois and Clark, General Hospital and One Life to Live, and over 50 episodes on the New Zorro series, filmed in Spain. J. G. was featured with Jennifer Beals and Christopher Walken in the film, Prophecy 2. In the film Pirates of Silicon Valley he appeared as Ridley Scott. He has also appeared with Al Pacino in the Barry Levinson/Norman Jewison classic film, ...And Justice for All.

Currently J. G. is voicing the Drookmani Captain and General Martok on Star Trek: Lower Decks. Last Fall, his radical memoir, Confessions of A Klingon Linebacker, was released in several formats. Signed hard copies will be available at a ridiculous cost! He also co-authored the Star Trek duology The Left Hand of Destiny (2003) with Jeffrey Lang. A fourth book is rumored to be planned for spring of 2025. Stay tuned.
I've also posted my latest writing activities on my Patreon site. You can read about them there. I've also posted my short horror story Neersville on Patreon, It is for paid subscribers only.

In other news, Terri Deno has 9 episodes out now for her new Kindle Vella story called Making a Thief.

Miranda Kate's new book Blood River (Tricky's Tales Book 3) should be out on Kindle by the time this is posted. Might be giving out a three-book Tricky trilogy at Shore Leave just in case you were interested!

Mary Rajotte has her story The Call of the Carrion Crows in the reprint anthology Shadowed Realms. It is available on preorder now for Kindle.

And I'm working on another short horror story I hope to submit later this year. Think trains.

That's all for now!

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Sunday, May 5, 2024

Put a Little Mystery Into Your Life

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Yes, it's been a while since I've posted here, and that's my fault. But I do have some news to pass along!

Want to add a little mystery and intrigue to your life? Author Terri Deno has a new Kindle Vella story available. It's a tale of undercover police work called Making a Thief.

Here's a little about Making a Thief:
Detective Nolan Wells has had one case in his career that he just can't shake, and before he retires, he must figure out how to bring down the son of one of the most notorious diamond thieves in the world. He thought he would do anything to close the case, but when his daughter Zahara decides to go undercover to help out, Detective Wells is torn between getting the bad guy and keeping his daughter safe.
Do a bit of investigating yourself and check it out! Remember, the first 10 episodes are free to read on Kindle Vella now!

@terrideno check out my next #kindlevella story dropping May 2. First 10 episodes available free to read 📚📚 #booktok #readersoftiktok #writertok #kindle #thriller ♬ Detective - AShamaluevMusic


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Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The Loft Gallery

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Just a shout-out for a local gallery...

There is a local art gallery I visit—and have purchased from—having its annual one-of-a-kind sale. The folks there are friendly and willing to talk to anyone about their art. There are lots of different artists (23!) who hang (or display) their art here and many different types and styles of art to view.

Their address is:

The Loft Gallery
313 Mill Street (Upstairs)
Occoquan, VA 22125

Website: https://www.loftgallery.org/

There are several rooms with art in every one. If you visit, take your time to look around. There is one room where you can pull up a chair and view the works—it does give you a unique perspective.

Note: This is in Occoquan, Virginia. Parking is at a premium, so a weekday visit (except for Monday when they are closed) is the best time. Also, the shop is at the top of a long, narrow flight of stairs. It's in an old building in an old town. So, unfortunately, it's not really good for access if you have trouble with a lot of steps.

Disclaimer: I have no association with The Loft Gallery other than being a customer.

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