Thursday, March 12, 2020

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 148

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This story is for Miranda Kate's weekly flash challenge. This is from Miranda's post:

This week's photo is from Christopher Marr, a Scottish photographer.   He shared this on twitter on 21st of September 2019 and said "I have so many questions ... I found this bench in the middle of some woods I was visiting for the first time. No paths or walkways, literally stumbled across it perfect".

Here's a link to the prompt image.

Please note that anyone can join in with a story up to 750 words. It's been a while since I've done a poem for a flash challenge, so this one's a bit short - only 111 words for those who are counting (not including the title and byline). And it doesn't even rhyme, so if you were worried it might be one of my rhyming poems, you may proceed without concern. Some people have an aversion to poems that rhyme, and while I don't, I promise to warn all future readers when one is posted here.


Alone with my thoughts, I listen in the stillness For a memory. The bench is still here, Neglected, Moldering away in the wood. It was this place, many years ago, We sat together, Also alone. If I close my eyes
I can hear her words, Her laughter. That was our first time together, But not our last. That would come much later. And, so, here I am again, As if my presence would change things, Make it all like it was. But I am old, too, Like this bench; Worn out and unneeded. Perhaps, though, I'll sit for a while And enjoy her company once more If only in my mind.     -- K. R. Smith

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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Poetry: Where The Truth Lies

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This post is to link to an short poem I wrote years ago. I submitted it to a lit site, but it wasn't accepted.

It's on Patreon now, but there's free access for all. And a PDF download! Here's the link:

Where the Truth Lies

© 2020 K. R. Smith All rights reserved