Saturday, April 6, 2013

National Poetry Month

Since it is National Poetry Month, I thought I'd post a couple of links of interest!

Image from for National Poetry Month

First, the link to the Academy of American Poets page about National Poetry Month.

Image from for National Poetry Month

Second, a link to the participants in NaPoWriMo (Like NaNoWriMo, but for poetry)

Here's my contribution ( In truth, I'd like to deny any knowledge of the following poem, and for those who insist upon associating my good name with this, a pox upon your house.)

If you don't have time
To make it rhyme,
That's fine;
You haven't crossed the line.

But if you do,
That's OK, too!
Just check with Frost
If you think you're lost

But write it either way
Because at the end of the day
You know darned well
It'll never sell.

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Welcome, Ukrainians! ( or Привіт, українці! )

Ласкаво просимо всім моїм читачам українському!

I sure hope the above translates correctly. I don't want to start an international incident...

Image of map of pageviews with count showing Ukraine with second highest number of views

For some reason, I get a lot of hits on my blog from Ukraine. I'm not sure if any Ukrainians are actually reading my blog or if they're just stumbling upon it by accident. On my statistics page, Ukraine comes up with the second highest number of hits. I understand that many Ukrainians speak English as a second languaage, so that might be part of the reason. I certainly don't mind them reading my blog, The more Ukrainians the better, I suppose!

If you're a reader from Ukraine, let me know! And maybe even tell me why you're reading! If you have an interest in writing, or have a question, please leave a comment below.


© 2012-2013 K. R. Smith All rights reserved