Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Beth Rhodes Has A New Book Out!

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I got the newsletter today from Beth Rhodes - and she has a new book out. It's titled Counter Strike. This is number 5 in her Hawk Elite Security series. Beth writes military romance novels, and they're always good. 

And yes, I've already purchased a copy. Here's the blurb:

She buried her fighting spirit along with her father twelve years ago…

Marguerite Bellamy Fuentes spends her life hiding from the Mexican cartel, who murdered her family. She's terrified of their retribution should they find her and unable to commit to the man she loves for fear he'll suffer the same fate.

He follows orders, doesn't give them…

By the book operative for Hawk Elite Security, Jamie Nash globe trots all over the world at Hawk's command. But now he's tired of the rat race, and he's ready to settle down. He wants to marry Missy, and he's quite capable of keeping them both safe…if she follows the rules.

Then Jamie is taken hostage. Faced with losing him, Missy's fighting spirit awakens and with it her need to right the wrongs done to her family. Her life with Jamie might be safe, but she can no longer stand by and do nothing. It's time to stop hiding and face the enemies from her past. Jamie doesn't agree. He spent years making sure no one can find her.

Will Missy's determination to fight for justice drive away the man who has been her rock? Or will they learn to take on the world together?

If this piques your interest, please check it out on Amazon! Here's the link:

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Patreon Post On Freelancers

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Making a living as a freelancer has never been easy; it's been even tougher lately. I know a few who have given up trying. Many others are on the fence.

Free-falling Freelancers

I've put a short article on Patreon about this (free access for all).

If you know an artist, writer, or performer who is having a rough time, please help them out if you can!

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