Saturday, December 29, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction Challenge - Ending

This week's writing challenge from Five Sentence Fiction ( Lillie McFerrin Writes ) is based upon the prompt "Ending."

I had missed posting for last week's prompt of "Vision," so I added it at the end. Yes, I know my assignment is late. Nobody's grading this, are they?


"End" image source:

Chris drove slowly through the high school parking lot, eventually pulling up in front of the auditorium where he had walked across the stage during graduation only a few days before with names being called like credits at the end of a movie. Somehow, it was different from the place he'd spent the last three years of his life. There was no one else in the parking lot, no chaos of young people scurrying to class in the halls, smiling as they called out to a friend or laughing at a crude joke to the dismay of an elderly teacher. He felt oddly out of place, as if somewhere he shouldn't be, the only actor left on stage long after the play had finished. His friends, his classmates, had all moved on, but he found it difficult to look to the future when he was already beginning to miss the past.

Wilbur's Quest

"Eye" image source

Alone on the top of the building, Wilbur sat meditating, contemplating his existence, attempting to come to terms with the events in his life with all its tribulations and disappointments. As the sun rose over the town, he watched it spread a golden warmth across the rooftops, bring a sparkle to the river, wake thousands of sleepy souls into another day, yet he found no answer, no guiding hand to show the way, no epiphany from within. Feeling he'd wasted his time once again, Wilbur stood up just as a bird flew past, not much more than flashes of white and gray to his weary eyes, but startling him enough to lose his precarious place on the ledge. Yet even as the crowd gathered closer to look at the unfortunate man, the words of the police seemed to mock his final efforts.

"Move along, folks, nothing to see here."

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The Christmas Miracle

I'm often told this is the season for miracles, and I'm beginning to believe it.

Image "Wolf and Moon" courtesy of nixxphotography at

My short story, "Going Home," has been accepted for publication in the Were Traveler "Big Bad Wolf in a Big Bad Universe" issue. The Were Traveler is an online webzine dedicated to short fiction.

You can read "Going Home" by clicking on the title here or by finding it in my publication page (short though it may be). I think the link may change once the site puts the issue into "archive" status, and I'll post an updated link if that is the case.

P.S. To Ellora Bennett - you are now famous. Or you will be at some point in the future. You'll find a little "Easter egg" about half-way through the story!

Image "Wolf and Moon" courtesy of nixxphotography

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

One Down...

Well, I've gone and done it this time.

I've submitted a short story.

It's a something-less-than-epic tale about a...

No, that's not the title. It's called Going Home. I'll try not to let my ego take over should it be selected for publication (on-line, and for recognition only). Maybe it's not quite A Tale of Two Cities, but you have to start somewhere. You can't start more humbly than this.

I remember the first time I saw the call for submissions via Duotrope. I thought, "You've got to be kidding." After thinking it over for a while, I thought, "You've really got to be kidding..."

What can I say? It's what they wanted.

I checked out the website, an it's one of those that ask people to send in writing for use in an on-line issue or e-zine, essentially another blog. You can check them out by clicking here.

Well, it's out there, all that's left is the waiting. I made it with just two days left before the deadline. If it isn't chosen, maybe I'll put it on here. Or print it and burn it, denying all knowledge of its existence.

To be honest, I'd be tickled if I just heard back from them.

      Dear sir and / or madam:

          We've read your submission, and, well, you've got to be kidding...

I'll keep you posted.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction Challenge - Devotion

This week's writing challenge from Five Sentence Fiction ( Lillie McFerrin Writes ) is based upon the prompt "Devotion."


Dog - image source

He never liked the dog. He thought it had a face like Jack Elam on a bad day, but it was his wife's "precious little button-nose." And there it was, staring him in the face again this morning, waiting for his food and a walk. His wife had been gone almost a year now, and nearly two had passed since her illness began, so the morning ritual was well ingrained. Arthur slowly made his way to the kitchen where he scooped some kibble into a dish and placed it in front of the ravenous little beast, as he would again tomorrow and the next day, and for as long as he could because it was all that was left to remind him of his "precious little button-nose."

© 2012 K. R. Smith All rights reserved

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction Challenge - Time

This week's writing challenge from Five Sentence Fiction ( Lillie McFerrin Writes ) is based upon the prompt "Time."

My entry is of the science fiction genre, and is a bit on the weird side. It took me a while to come up with this. I almost ran out of time.

Sorry, I couldn't resist...

Strange Loop

Image "Binary Code" by David Castillo Dominici -

Wendell's experiment in time travel had worked, at least to a degree, but something was amiss. The program he had written to control the equipment was designed to guide him through a loop, much like tracing the path along a Mobius strip, returning him safely to the point where he began. He hadn't allowed for his own presence, his own observation of events and their effect, no matter how trivial, upon the calculations. Somewhere within the billions of bytes of code, this additional parameter had altered the program, forming a self-modifying quine, spiraling him into both the future and the past, and most certainly into oblivion. Curiously, he found himself intrigued by the possibility that he might have forever to solve the problem, or not enough time to press the next keystroke.

Image "Binary Code" courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

FSF Challenge - Joy

This week's writing challenge from Five Sentence Fiction ( Lillie McFerrin Writes ) is based upon the prompt "Joy."

Looks like it won't be a "horror" week - even I have trouble doing a dark story about "joy."

But I might try...

Nonetheless, we do have a multiple feature post ( 3 - count 'em - 3 ) this time around! All these ideas have been done in some fashion by others, but it was still a fun challenge.

The Flight

"Airplane In The Sky" by coward_lion -

They rode to the airport together as soon as they heard that Flight 718 had crashed during takeoff and there were believed to be no survivors. All they could think of is how they'd repeatedly hammered into their indolent daughter how important it was to take the trip, to do the interview, to make that extra effort to be there on time. The woman, hands trembling, pulled out her cell phone to call her daughter's number one last time, a call made for no other reason than hear her child's voice on the answering machine. But there was no message, only the mumbling of a sleepy young woman pleading, "Oh, God, Mom, I know you're going to kill me! I forgot to set the alarm!"

Image "Airplane In The Sky" courtesy of coward_lion /

The Last Date

"Woman Reading Sms In Cell Phone" by Jomphong -

She wasn't sure why he had asked to meet her here, at this place, on this street, a street along which she had walked a hundred times, a street with nothing of singular significance or interest. She had noticed how preoccupied Derek had been the last few weeks, and all she could think of was he wanted to break up. Still, there they were, face to face, he as visibly uncomfortable as one could be, her feeling as if everything inside her had been ripped out.

"I guess this wasn't such a great idea," Derek said nervously, looking everywhere but in Jessica's eyes, "and you're probably going to think I'm a real jerk for doing this here. But," he added, stuttering slightly, "it's the spot where I saw you for the very first time, and it's the only place I could think of to ask you marry me."

Image "Woman Reading Sms In Cell Phone" courtesy of Jomphong /

The Dress

"Ball Gown" courtesy of Rosen Georgiev -

"You talk to your daughter while I find out what idiot keeps banging at the door," he said, a stern look on his face.

"Look, Mom, I've spent all this money on a dress I'll never wear because I'm not going to the prom because no one has asked me or even thought about asking me and I'm going to look like a loser to everyone in the school."

"Cathy, honey, maybe you could ask your friends if they know anyone that might be interested - or you could just go by yourself and meet the other kids there." 

"You know, Mom, I'd like to have at least one date, one real date in high school where I might even get kissed or something like a normal girl has by my age, and - and why does Dad have to be standing here listening to this? 

"Because, Cathy, I thought you might like to know that the idiot at the door is a boy that would like to talk with you."

Image "Ball Gown" courtesy of Rosen Georgiev /

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Friday, November 23, 2012

FSF Challenge - Feast

This week's writing challenge from Five Sentence Fiction ( Lillie McFerrin Writes ) is based upon the prompt "Feast."

So finish up your pumpkin pie - it's time to get back to a little horror...

Reveille Noir

Image "Zombies Walking" courtesy of Victor Habbick /

The old priests had told of a day when the "trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable." It would be a time of hope and renewal, a time to enter immortality, a time of change. There had never been a thought given to the one raising the call, never a question of their purpose. After all, this was the Feast of Trumpets, or so they thought. But when the dark one sounds his horn, only the evil are raised.

Image "Zombies Walking" courtesy of Victor Habbick /

© 2012 K. R. Smith

Monday, November 12, 2012

Elly's Posts On W.U Hstry

Even though Elly hasn't had much time to work on her fantasy writing due to her schoolwork, she has been blogging at the W.U Hstry History Student's Blog. Here are links to two new posts:

A Very Brief Glance at Hair Combs in History

Pre-dynastic period comb - from W. U Hstry Blog
Pre-dynastic period comb
from W. U Hstry Blog

The Fall of the Aztec Empire

Cortez - from W. U Hstry Blog
from W. U Hstry Blog

Just to let you know she really has been busy:

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Book Reviews: Soul Stalker and Night of the Purple Moon

I've recently posted a couple of short book reviews out on Goodreads. Links to them are below.

Soul Stalker
    by Laura Kreitzer

Recommended for: Fantasy romance readers
Read from August 29 to September 13, 2012 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Soul Stalker
(Timeless #2)Soul Stalker by Laura Kreitzer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Night of the Purple Moon 
    by Scott Cramer

Recommended for: YA
Read in November, 2012 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Night of the Purple MoonNight of the Purple Moon by Scott Cramer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

© 2012 K. R. Smith

Sunday, November 4, 2012

This Is Only A Test…

I’m trying to see how Microsoft Live Writer (part Windows Essentials) does for posting to Blogger. I’m using the Windows XP version for this test – I may see if a newer version for Windows 7 is available later.
 Image of tools from

I’ve been having some “issues” with their editing tools lately and I want to see if this is an option.

So far, it seems this version only allows for posting blog entries, but not pages…

I also have to do some things manually (like my horizontal rows) whereas Blogger does them automatically once they are set up.

There are some picture editing tools in Live Writer, but I have GIMP and Corel PhotoPaint already, so that’s not a big plus for me (might be useful for others!). There doesn’t seem to be a way to get a picture I’ve already posted to a Picasa library. Not so good.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Elly's Latest W.U Hstry Post

Ellora Bennett has a new post on the Winchester University History Students Blog:

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

How Incredibly Exciting!

I've finally gotten around to updating the favicon for this blog. It's nothing more than the letter "K" in red on a white field using the Matura MT Script Capitals font. How original.

My new favicon for this blog
My new favicon for this blog

I know this is incredibly exciting, but try to control yourself. Please contact emergency services if you start to have heart palpitations.

Yes, that's the big news for today...

At least it's more personal than the standard Blogger icon.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Elly's Feeling Guilty

And for good reason...

We know that you'll get back into it once things settle down (she's starting a new semester at "Uni").

BTW, this is the link to her Blogger blog.

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October 2012: Project Update - Poetry Submission

This is an update to the post October 2012: Project - Poetry Submission.

I had emailed Scarlett River Press about the rights they were purchasing for their poetry collection ( In Darkness Dwells ~ A Macabre Collection of Poetry ) and they did respond!

From: Jo-Anne Russell

Image of Jo-Anne Russell of Scarlet River Press

This use of the Work by the Publisher entails the assignment of First Worldwide Anthology Rights, (Electronic and / or Print,) for publication in the English language anywhere in the world for a period of six months, when exclusivity ends, and nonexclusive rights commence.

 Thank you for writing.

 Jo-Anne Russell

This doesn't get me any closer to being accepted, and I do want to rework the poem (that I had originally considered finished), but at least I now know what I'm getting into. And so does anyone else considering a submission...

Thank you, Jo-Anne, for your reply!

© 2012 K. R. Smith

Monday, October 15, 2012

Projects Update

I have three short-term projects going right now - well, maybe two and a half...

I'm about 90% done my "Werewolves In Space" short story, so it won't be too much longer before it is submitted. In truth, the story only has one werewolf, so I guess I should change this to "Werewolf In Space." In any event, the real title will be "Going Home". I still can't believe I'm writing this. I was just reading an article, however, that says writing outside you're comfort zone keeps you fresh. After this, I couldn't get much fresher.

Image of werewolf and moon

My second project, to be submitted for Tales of the Undead - Suffer Eternal at Horrified Press, still has a way to go. It may be 50% complete. But the deadline is in February 2013, so not to worry. My submission will be called "Final Judgment". I did notice that they are posting an advance acceptance list that has five entries already - they didn't say how many they want, or even if they have a limit.

I'm not sure about my last project. I've emailed Scarlett River Press asking them what rights they are "purchasing," but I haven't received a reply. I'm not sure I want to proceed if they don't. Not that what I submit would be so earth-shattering, but I like to do business with people that state exactly what the details of the transaction are to be.

I also need to do some reviews on Goodreads. I haven't updated those as quickly as I'd like.

Another task I have in mind is to set up a Google Docs spreadsheet to track submissions and have it be accessible from this blog. We'll see.

Yes, I have some work to do...

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 2012: Project - Poetry Submission

I've found another one - and I already have an unpublished poem ready...

Image of pen and paper from

This project is from Scarlett River Press:

In Darkness Dwells ~ A Macabre Collection of Poetry

Deadline ~ January 31st, 2013

It matters not what hides behind the eyes, as long as it remains separate from the soul. Deep within us all, in our darkest place, dwells secrets we would rather keep hidden. Bring forth your monsters of the mind, and bask in the strange, the beautiful, the dark, and the macabre, as those secrets scorch minds and ooze down the pages of "In Darkness Dwells."


No more than 40 lines, any poetry style, size 12 font.
Must be dark! Cross some lines if you must, and give us your best.
Up to five poems per author.
No reprints! New works only.


By line, one electronic copy, and one paperback copy, or $5.00 without paperback copy. (Per author, not poem.)

Send your submissions to:

In the subject line please put: Poetry_your first poem title_last name.

Please attach your submissions. Do not put them in the body of the email.

Dig deep, and share your dark side.

Note: Image shown in this post was downloaded from

© 2012 K. R. Smith

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Another Tweet: Quote Of The Day

I also happened to see this while checking out what was going on with Twitter:

This could be the subject of a very interesting story... either fiction or non-fiction!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Even Big-Time Authors Have Problems!

I happened on this article by chance, and being that it is about my Mother's favorite author, had to pass it along.

Interesting story!

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 2012: New Projects

It's been a while since I've put anything out here, so I thought I should make some sort of update to the blog. And although I've been quite busy, most of it hasn't been with writing.

But I've found a couple of projects that interest me by checking out the Horror Tree web site.

#1 The Were-Traveler       "Don't be afraid, dearie, it's just a story."

When I first saw this, I thought, "Werewolves in space? They've got to be joking." Then I re-read the request, thought about it some more, and said, "They've really got to be joking."

At that point, of course, it became a challenge. So I have a story started, even though I don't really care for werewolf stories, and will submit it for publication. We'll see what happens...

Please don't laugh.

From the Were-Traveler web site:

The Were-Traveler: Big Bad Wolf in a Big Bad Universe

Drabble, Micro, Flash and Short (up to 2000 words). Deadline December 20ish. Where the crazy idea for this e-zine originally came from: a story in my head that is yet to be written. We’ll see what you can do with it. Accepting submissions for drabbles, micro, flash and short stories 2K or less on the following themes:

Lone Werewolf traveling. On the road. The man-beast (or woman-beast) with an itinerary. Werewolf or werewolves in space. I would LOVE a science fiction/horror werewolf story.

Their Duotrope page

#2 Tales of the Undead

Suffer Eternal, is open for submissions

From the Horrified Press website (WordPress Blog):

Eternal life, what does it mean to live forever? What is the cost of such a prize, and is it worth the price?

The scope of such a topic brings forth boundless notions for the budding author. Tales of the undead, and those who cheat the reaper give hope to a readership, or can just as easily take it away.

I want stories of Eternal life. Give me deals with the devil, illegal experiments, and mysterious miracles. Zombies, Vampires, and Spirits are welcome. Make them dark, make them decadent, make them scary – these should be the kind of stories that wouldn’t usually see daylight.

No taboos, just let your imagination run wild.

Dark fairy tales, bizarre, horror, surrealism, dark science-fiction are all cool here.

Submission guidelines:

Deadline for submissions  February 20, 2013.

Word Count: 1,000  3,000 words.

Just to let you know, there isn't any money involved here, just glory. And, no, I won't be writing any zombie stories. I'll keep you posted.

© 2012 K. R. Smith

Monday, September 10, 2012

More News From Around The World

I've been a bit busy these last few weeks, but I thought I'd put a quick post out to keep everyone up on the news from the writers I follow.

First of all, Terri Deno has a new short story, Second Shadow, published in Luna Station Quarterly, a magazine focused on speculative fiction written by up and coming women authors. To check it out, you can click on one of the links here or go to their web site and find it in Issue 11.

If you like stories that are a little bit on the dark side, please give it a read.

You can find Terri's blog here: Truths of a Shy Writer

Not last (because I had to update this post!), and not least, Ellora Bennett has a new post on the Winchester University History Student's Blog. Her latest post is on Henry IV. This is what she does when she's not writing one of her fantasy novels.

Wikimedia Commons image of the coronation of Henry IV
U.S. public domain image of
the coronation of Henry IV

You can find Elly's blog here: Ellora Bennett. Fantasy Writer.

Now, finally! Sara Lundberg has a story included in a new horror anthology available on Amazon for $5.99 USD! It's called Shadows of the Mind. Here's a partial cover shot:

Since I'm a fan of horror, and it just so happened that I needed a new book to read, I've bought a copy which now resides on my Kindle. I'll read it and let you know what I think.

You can find Sara's blog here: Prospective Writer

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Terri Deno Breaks Internet: Film At Eleven

No, Terri, I got the Goodreads "over capacity" message, too. But just to make sure, maybe you should stay out of there for a while...

(So I can get in, of course!)

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book Review: Edge Of Dark Water

Cover image - Edge of Dark Water by Joe R. LansdaleEdge of Dark Water by Joe R. Lansdale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book surprised me a bit. After reading some of the reviews and the blurb (I won’t copy it here – it’s available elsewhere), I wasn't really sure what to expect or if I'd like it. But I needed something to read and I was curious how this story could work. It only took a few pages before I got the feel of the story and knew it would be interesting.

When I read a book, one of the criteria I use to determine if I like it is whether I can picture the scenes and the characters as vividly in my mind as I could see them in a movie. With Edge of Dark Water, I had no problem. Perhaps because I’ve lived with people not too different from some of the characters and spent time in places at least somewhat similar to those described in the book, I can identify with the story more than some. In any case, it’s easy to like a heroine like Sue Ellen. She’s strong, but approachable, dealing with the situations she’s in as best as she can.

There are times when the speech can be as overdone as a catfish that’s been on the fire for a week, but most of time it works, and adds to the humor in the story. It’s hard to image how a story with a number of rather gruesome scenes can be funny, but it often is, and even at the same time. If a book written in dialect doesn’t work for you, this won’t be enjoyable. As for me, after reading the book, I just started talking a bit more slowly, had an urge for cornbread, and got real uneasy whenever I saw a small-town law enforcement officer nosing about.

Some of the scenes and situations may not be appropriate for young children, but other than that, it works for a large audience.

The story is more of an adventure than a mystery, but it does have elements of both. If you’re looking for a deep investigative mystery however (police procedural), this isn’t your best choice.

I’ve read in some of the other reviews that some feel this isn’t the author’s best work. That tempts me to read another of Lansdale’s books to see if that’s true. If it is, then his other books are very good. I would have given this book 4.5 stars if I could.

View all my reviews

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Welcome, Sara!

My first "official" follower.

I wish Blogger used some other word than follower. It doesn't really sound that flattering. Perhaps something like associate, member, or supporter. I'll have to put in a suggestion.

I hope to have posts interesting enough to make your efforts worthwhile. There are a few in the works, but my day job keeps interfering.

Speaking of which, I'd better get back to it...

© 2012 K. R. Smith

Monday, August 13, 2012

Book Review: Oracle by J.C. Martin

I just completed reading Oracle and put a brief comment out on Goodreads... It's a detective story based in London during the Olympics. I tend to like mysteries (if a good horror story isn't available), especially if they take place in England, so I thought I'd give it a read. Not bad! It has a good bit of action, so if you like that sort of thing, you may like this, too.

I was torn between 3.5 and 4 stars, so I rounded up. Well, they wouldn't let me do 3.5 stars anyway.

Cover image - Oracle by J. C. MartinOracle by J.C. Martin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Overall, it was a good book. Some of the descriptions concerning sex seemed a little overdone and didn't add to the story (having them in there wasn't the problem, they just went further than needed). And there were some parts that were predictable, but enough of it wasn't that it was fun to read.

The pace really seems to pick up about 1/3 of the way through, so if you're having concerns before that, try to get that far and you'll probably want to finish.

If J.C. Martin writes another book, I would consider reading it.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Terri Deno Has Published A Poem On "Full OF Crow"

Terri Deno has new a poem, Tuesday Morning Hangover, published on the Full Of Crow poetry web site, July 2012 issue.

Image from Full Of Crow web site

You can read it by clicking HERE!

You can also visit Terri's blog, Truths of a Shy Writer.

© 2012 K. R. Smith

Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Quote

Image, Oscar Wilde, public domain from Wikipedia
Oscar Wilde

I was working on the proof of one of my poems all the morning, and took out a comma. In the afternoon I put it back again.

      Oscar Wilde

I have a couple of poems that are giving me the same problem...

© 2012 K. R. Smith

Friday, July 20, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo

For those of you into insomnia, Camp NaNoWriMo is re-opening soon!

In truth, it opened up once for the month of June, but if you missed that, you can jump in for the second session starting August 1st to make your feeble attempt at writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.

I'm not entirely convinced about the usefulness of these sorts of events, but many people like them and it does give one a sense of accomplishment it they succeed. And there's no real down-side if you don't. Sometimes things happen, and even dedicated writers can have other priorities sneak into their schedule. I can also see how it could allow one to get a basic novel down so it can be polished up a bit later. If you have any thoughts on this, or just want to tell everyone about your progress (or lack thereof), please post a comment letting everyone know!

I'm going to follow a few folks who have entered (like you, Elly...) and see how they do.

For everyone else, don't worry if you miss out on this one, too. There's always National Novel Writing Month in November!

Good luck! And you might want to stock up on coffee...

© 2012 K. R. Smith

Monday, June 4, 2012

Bethanne Strasser's New Book

Congratulations are in order for romance writer and fellow blogger Bethanne Strasser! After much hard work, she has a book coming out on June 8, 2012, which is entitled For Love or Duty.

My understanding of the story is that it concerns the interaction between an Army officer, Kevin Morgan, and a woman named Valerie Standish. Neither is quite intent upon having a serious relationship, but it may not work out as they had planned. I can't say more than that because I haven't yet read the book. And even if I had, I wouldn't want to spoil the ending. I'm feel certain, however, Morgan is an outstanding young man, as we happen to share the same first name. Seems an obvious choice for a hero, if I do say so myself.

Once the book is available, I'll post a link to where it can be purchased, so please check back. Or you can always find out more by visiting Bethanne's blog or her author profile on Goodreads.

Bethanne Strasser

At least somebody is getting published!

© 2012 K. R. Smith

It's Official

Today, I became a professional writer.

Quill pen and paper

Did I get that big payout for the next great American novel?

Not quite.

I received two nicely worded rejections on a couple of short poems I had submitted.

Now I understand how that feels. And I don't like it.

I also now understand what it's like to receive rejections without any explanation as to why. I mean, the poems didn't even rhyme, for God's sake. From what I've been reading, that in itself is enough to be accepted by some people. Sorry, that's a bit of a pet peeve for me, if you'll pardon the expression. They did express their appreciation and asked me to submit again.

I will continue to write, of course, and may submit to them in the future, should I write something I believe is appropriate. And I'm holding onto those poems. I might rework one of them and submit it elsewhere.

Oh, well. I must keep my perspective and keep trying...

© 2012 K. R. Smith

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Beginning

This is the beginning. Of this blog, and of sharing my work with others.

I can see the path ahead, but I have no idea where it leads. I have no directions, no signs, and may, from time to time, follow the road less traveled by.

As my first step on that journey, I offer this short free-verse poem about writing.

Leaky Pen

All my thoughts,
All my emotions,
Spill out through this pen.

Flowing across each line,
Flowing down each page,
Cerebral viscera oozing across the paper,

Reforming in pieces,
Reforming in toto,
Until I see with clarity,

For better, or
For worse,
This is what I am.

                K. R. Smith

© 2012 K. R. Smith