Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Shore Leave 41 Videos

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As promised, here are a few videos from Shore Leave 41!

I apologize for the shaky video. I was a long way from the stage with a small point-and-shoot camera and no tripod. And I had to move at times as people walked into the line of view.

The first is Andromeda/Stargate actress Lexa Doig telling a dating story (as Michael Shanks listens):

This is a short clip of Lexa telling what sci-fi tech she would like to use:

The final one is a discussion by a few members of the Smallville cast (John Glover (Lionel Luther), Erica Durance (Lois Lane), Laura Vandervoort (Kara), and Aaron Ashmore (Jimmy Olsen)):

Thanks for viewing!

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Does Twitter Really Help Beginning Writers?

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I don't get a lot of feedback via Twitter about my writing and I've often wondered if others writers at a similar level have the same experience. Obviously, I don't have a huge following like the major authors, so I'm sure that's a large part of the problem. Yet some (all?) of my tweets with the most interactions are those having nothing to do with writing. Perhaps the folks on Twitter aren't looking for what I'm offering.

Twitter logo

Recently, I saw this and knew there were others experiencing the same response to their tweets about writing.

I know there are many variables involved here, most of which I have no control over. Are folks on Twitter really looking to find out what new writers are doing? I'm sure some are, but 99% of what I see on Twitter is:
  1. Hey, look at my new book/story/poem (I fall into this category)
  2. (fill in name of politician/leader/celebrity) is a (fill in expletive)
  3. Here's my cat/dog/nature picture! (Okay, I do this, too, sometimes...)
I see many more authors hawking their wares than people who are only looking for a book or story to read. I'm sure they're out there, but I wonder if Twitter is the best way to reach them. With so many writers competing for attention, the chances of getting noticed are pretty slim. If I was Stephen King or a large publishing house, my tweets might reach the desired audience. I am neither.

I've cut back a bit on Twitter because I'm not receiving a lot of productive responses from my tweets. Getting feedback is always tough for beginning writers, so I'm looking around for new ways to get the word out. For example, I'm watching Terri Deno's use of Medium to see if that is a better way to gain an audience. I'm also exploring other outlets for flash fiction and poetry.

And, yes, I do need to produce more, both writing and artwork. It's difficult to do while working a full-time job and dealing with life's other responsibilities. Still, a reliable flow of material keeps people involved.

If you have any thoughts on this, please pass them along!

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