Monday, April 11, 2016

Day 11 - Yes, Number Eleven

Human 76 - A post-apocalyptic secret is in store for you soon!

That title rhymes as badly as a title possibly can. It's really sad.

Also, I'd like to note that I've noticed an upsurge in the number of readers in Finland. I don't know why, but hei kaikille lukijoilleni in Suomi! (I think that means hello to all my readers in Finland. If not, I apologize...)

Anyway, it's been rather cold here. Unseasonably so. This has me thinking of summer. I'm getting older and the cold affects me more than it used to. I need warm, even hot, summer days to get me back on track. I'm getting anxious for them.

A U-Turn For The Worse

I close my eyes and face
Another blustery day
Wondering when the winter
Will finally go away.

I walk across the parking lot.
Quickly, I might add.
And once I climb into the train,
I'm glad.

Snuggling up against the vents
For any meager waft of heat,
I wish I'd worn my heavy coat
And boots upon my feet.

Just short of an hour,
I reach my destination.
I'm thrust back into the cold again,
Much to my consternation,

And begin the walk
Up the granite canyons of the city
Where the winds howl
And scream at me without pity.

The sun shines down,
But has little effect.
I wonder if it has
Some sort of defect.

Once inside the office,
I reluctantly undo my coat,
Unwrapping the scarf
From around my throat,

And settling in,
I take a moment to dream
Of large, steaming coffee with a hint of dark mocha
And a shot of whipped cream.

Then just as I lean back into my seat,
Finally taking it all in stride,
The alarms go off and my manager yells,
"It's a fire drill, folks. Everybody outside!"

                      K.R. Smith

*I'm trying to write a poem each day for National Poetry Month. It's difficult to come up with original titles (that are interesting) for each post. I chose silly instead.

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  1. Oh, I feel for you! Winter seems more cruel with every year that goes by, and this year crueler than ever because it will not go! So rude!
    Good poem, though; I was shivering right along with you.

    1. Thanks! Hope some warm weather makes its way to you soon!


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