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Here you can find books containing my stories and poems! Most of my writings are horror, but there are YA and science fiction sprinkled in, too. In the near future, I'll be updating the links to make them easier to find. Please check 'em out!


K. R. Smith

Slipping Through - A time travel/interdimensional travel/life and death passing anthology from Purple Queen Publishing!
My stories: Memory Lane (short story), On the Flip Side (flash), Wrapped in a Mystery (flash)
   Amazon (Paperback & Kindle) 
Genre: Short Story & Flash Fiction / Sci-Fi / Horror / Paranormal
Synopsis: Memory Lane - A man gets a chance to reunite with a lost love, but it doesn't turn out quite as he'd planned. On the Flip Side - The other side of the story—one of Miranda's, in fact! Wrapped in a Mystery - Lots of folks go on a vacation to disappear from the rat race. Some of them are overachievers!

Gothic Blue Book VI: A Krampus Carol -
 A horror/supernatural anthology from Burial Day Books!
My story: Christmas Eve
   Amazon (Paperback) 
   Amazon (Kindle) 
Genre: Short Story / Horror
Synopsis: A mother struggles to save her child on a perilous journey to safety.

Lonesome Train - A new horror/supernatural anthology now available from Thirteen O'Clock Press!
My story: Momma Knows Best
   Amazon (Paperback) 
   Lulu (Paperback) - $12.93, but check for coupons!
Genre: Short Story / Horror / Southern Gothic
Synopsis: A young girl, having a difficult time appreciating her mother's advice, takes matters into her own hands.

Tales by the Tree -
 A new holiday-themed anthology from BHC Press!
My story: The Last Snowfall
   Amazon (Paperback)
   Amazon (US Kindle)
   Barnes & Noble (Nook and Paperback)
   Goodreads (Kindle)
   Waterstones (UK & Europe)
Genre: Flash Fiction / Fantasy
Synopsis: A young girl trying to deliver a special Christmas gift to her mother—but she's running short of time!

Beyond the Shroud
 - It's here! At least on Lulu... If you like mummy stories this might be one for you! From Pilgrim Off-Fifth Press!
My story: A Matter of Personal Taste
   Amazon (Paperback)
   Google Books (preview)
   iTunes - not yet available
   Lulu (Paperback)
Genre: Short fiction / Horror
Synopsis: An archaeologist makes a startling discovery with the help of a local man. Coincidence? Set in western Egypt, my story will leave you hungry for more!

Death and Decorations -
 A new anthology of holiday horror from Thirteen O'Clock Press!
My story: A Home for Christmas
   Amazon (Paperback)
   Google Books (Preview)
   iTunes - not yet available
   Lulu (Paperback)
Genre: Short fiction / Horror
Synopsis: A young street waif, Melanie, sells her homemade Christmas ornaments to help feed her little sister—so she says. But her sister isn't the only one who is hungry!

Death and Decorations was nominated in the anthology category of the 2016 Preditors & Editors Annual Reader's Poll - and it came in 4th place! Not bad for a book that came out late in the year and only had a paperback version! Preditors & Editors Poll Final Tally 2016

Human 76 -
 A shared-world, post-apocalyptic anthology by 14 authors based on an original idea by Lisa Shambrook. A young woman, Ghabrie, searches for her lost sister in an often-unfriendly world! Each author's story is entwined with the story of her quest!
My story: The Song of Aiden
   Amazon (Paperback)
   Amazon (Kindle)
   Barnes & Noble (Nook and Paperback)
   Google App Store
   Lulu (Paperback)
   Lulu (ePub) 
Genre: Short fiction / Fantasy / Post-apocalyptic
Synopsis: Maeve, young and na├»ve, arrives from the barren Northlands to live with her cousin, Kendra. She is forced to grow up quickly when a blossoming relationship ends tragically, confronting not only the dark forces of the Alliance, but Human 76 herself!

Note: All proceeds from this book will go to Water is Life, a global charity that provides clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education programs to schools and villages in desperate need.

Human76 Facebook Page

Nominated to Metamorph Publishing's 1st Annual Summer Indie Book Awards!

Swords of Darkness
 - A fantasy anthology by L. C. Mortimer full of stories about swords! My contribution is The Sword of Hexworthy Manor, a short story about a 14-year-old girl whose great imagination leads her into a real adventure. Available from Amazon and Kobo!
    US Kindle
    UK Kindle
    Your Amazon
My story: The Sword of Hexworthy Manor
Genre: Short fiction / Humor / Fantasy
Synopsis: Gwendolyn can imagine almost anything—except what happens when her grandfather presents her with a prized family heirloom—a sword!

Grimm and Grimmer III
 - A horror anthology by Fringeworks containing my modern-day remake of The Fisherman and His Wife. Available from Amazon!
    US Kindle
    US Paperback
    UK Kindle
    UK Paperback
My story: The Fisherman and his Wife
Genre: Short fiction / Humor / Horror
Synopsis: Ralph and Wanda don't have the best life together, but they've learned to make do. When Ralph catches a magic fish, however, Wanda's greed has her barking up the wrong tree!

Dead Men's Tales
 - A pirate-themed anthology from Fringeworks with my short story Skarett's Treasure.
    US Paperback
    UK Paperback
My story: Skarett's Treasure
Genre: Short fiction / Humor / Horror
Synopsis: Life hasn't gone the way Thomas had hoped, but when unforeseen circumstances bring him to the beautiful Maria's door, he begins to think his luck has changed. His situation looks even better when, under Captain Skarett's command, he finds a valuable treasure. The way it all works out, however, is just a little hard to swallow!

Tales from the Bully Box - An anti-bullying anthology by Elephant's Bookshelf Press
    US Kindle
    US Paperback
    UK Kindle
    UK Paperback
    Barnes & Noble (Nook)
My story: One Above Zero
Genre: Short Story / Children's-Young Teen Fiction
Synopsis: It takes a while for Brad to understand Zoe's health problems, but when he does, he not only makes a friend, he stops a bully.
Website: The Bully Box (website has changed)

Haiku of the Dead - A collection of zombie-themed haiku by Dreamscape Press. Yes, I have a haiku about zombies in this collection...  (I'm not sure I want to tell anyone) Unfortunately, this book s not available as an inexpensive e-book, only as a paperback. It appears the publisher is no longer active. You can probably guess why.
    US Paperback
    UK Paperback
My poem: Hunting Season
Genre: Haiku / Horror / Zombie

Gothic Blue Book III - The Graveyard Edition - An anthology of horror by Burial Day Books.
    US Kindle
    US Paperback
    UK Kindle
    UK Paperback
    Barnes & Noble (Paperback)
My poem: The Ballad of Drunken Jack
Genre: Narrative Poetry / Horror
Synopsis: A young lady remains true to her word—and Jack gets the short end of the stick
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