Friday, April 15, 2016

Day 15 - I'm Just Being Mean

Coming soon! An apocalyptic surprise!

So sorry!

Today's poem* will be—well, it appears I've let you down!

No Poem Today

To all who read
This post today
There is no poem
I'm sad to say.

I really tried,
I really did,
I should do better,
I'm not a kid.

But life is too complex
These days.
My brain is just
A foggy haze

Of going here
And going there
While pulling out
My graying hair.

So, for those who've read my daily posts,
You've all been very kind,
But there is no—wait—

Oh, never mind...

                      K.R. Smith

*I'm trying to write a poem each day for National Poetry Month. It's difficult to come up with original titles (that are interesting) for each post. I chose silly instead.

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