Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Day 13 - By The Poetry Machine

Human 76 - A post-apocalyptic secret is in store for you soon!

Okay, my machine might need a little oil—and a tune-up. But it rhymes, sort of...

Again, today's poem* will be a short one.

Sounds Of A Spring Night

Some say the noise keeps them awake,
But I hear a song
As tiny frogs peep late into the evening
Accompanied by a bird whose call echoes through the wood.

Even the train whistle in the distance
Seems a natural part of the night,
Carrying me slowly away
Towards sleep.

                      K.R. Smith

*I'm trying to write a poem each day for National Poetry Month. It's difficult to come up with original titles (that are interesting) for each post. I chose silly instead.

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