Wednesday, September 13, 2023

That's A Mighty Big Wrench

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I'm sure you've heard the idiom, "They've thrown a wrench in the works." Well, that's what has happened to Shore Leave 44...

If you're not familiar with the Shore Leave sci-fi convention, it is an annual affair that has taken place in Hunt Valley, Maryland for many years. There are artists, authors (and their books for sale), celebrity guests, and even scientists who provide entertainment and information to the hundreds of attendees. Over 1,400 people attended Shore Leave 43. I had already reserved my hotel rooms for next year's event.

Delta Hotels Hunt Valley - image from

Unfortunately, I've just heard that the Delta Hotels Baltimore Hunt Valley where the event is held is closing October 30th. There has been no information on what will be done with the property as of this posting. That leaves the STAT Club searching for a new location on relatively short notice. While hopes are high, there is no guarantee that Shore Leave will continue.

Even worse, they are not the only ones with a convention site problem. Farpoint uses the same location for their convention. They have even less time to find a new venue as their con starts in February. This is a posting on their website:

Farpoint lists October 31st as the closing date, but the WBAL (local news station) article lists October 30th. Either way, Shore Leave (and Farpoint) is in deep trouble. I can't say it's a complete surprise. I noticed a definite lack of maintenance during my last visit. Perhaps this has been in the cards for a while now. 

At this point, I can't say if there will be a Shore Leave convention, or if there is, when and where it will be. They could do a "virtual" convention as they did during the heights of COVID, but that's just not the same. There are other venues within a reasonable distance, but they may be booked already. I couldn't even offer a guess as to what the cost differences might be.

So much changing and I haven't even finished my posts about the last Shore Leave convention! All I can say is, I'll keep you posted...

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