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Horror Bites Challenge #5 - Running Fast

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From the Horror Bites website:
Ok so I’m a bit late with this, the first challenge of 2017 but then, as you are probably aware, I’m not the biggest fan of consistency hehe. The last challenge was a photo my son wanted me to take, but this week he decided to take a photo himself. I love how he is just as much invested in these challenges are I am, always on the look out for a good scene to insure creepiness.

  1. As always post either the complete story or a link in the comments.
  2. Going to give you a bit more scope this week so how about a word count of 450 words.
  3. My son would like you to include a sport of some sort this time, so see if you can.

And so, here is my entry for this round of Horror Bites...

Running Fast

Horror Bites Image #5 -

    Elated at being alone and in the lead, Melvin settled into an even pace, his footfalls tapping out a rhythm that echoed faintly in the early morning mist. His breathing quickly adjusted. His lungs no longer burned, his heart no longer strained from the torturous effort that had pushed him not only to the front of the pack, but far beyond. A peek at his watch told him he was well ahead of schedule. All that remained left was the monotonous repetition of miles until the end of the course. A sign caught Melvin's eye as he pushed himself forward; "one way," it read.
    After what seemed like an eternity, Melvin checked his watch again. It wouldn't be long now. In the distance, he could see someone standing near a tape that crossed the road, though no spectators were in sight. Unusual, he thought; there's always a crowd at the finish line. His pace slowed. A quick glance behind showed no other competitor in sight. Now only yards away, he approached the waiting figure, noting its odd clothing. A tattered, hooded robe stood in stark contrasted to the bright garb normally worn by the race staff.
    "Is this the finish?" 
    An ethereal whisper came from within the hood. "For you—yes."
    Melvin thought the answer curious, but with his mind still consumed by the race, he reached for the tape. As he did, a sharp pain shot through his chest. His arm ached miserably. His legs became heavy, and he fell to his knees. Crimson droplets splashed across the asphalt. Above him, the figure lofted a wooden shaft from which a large, curved blade, now bathed in red, extended. Melvin's eyes began to close, and with a final, stabbing pain, his mind went dark.
    Resting the staff against a shoulder, bony hands pulled a gray stone tablet from within the robe. A skeletal digit scratched a tally upon its surface.
    "Ah," it hissed with breathy satisfaction. "Completed in record time."

 330 words without the title... 

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