Monday, January 9, 2017

This Month's Free Photos - The Nature Of Winter

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Terri Deno's efforts reminded me that I haven't posted any photos lately. Not that I've ever been very regular about it. Still, I had a couple of pics that should work. They're just phone images, so they're not high resolution, but here they are!

Image IMG_20170109_122734.jpg © 2017 K. R. Smith -  may be used with attribution

Here are a couple of woodpeckers hanging around the deck near the feeder. The cold weather sure brings a lot of activity to the suet and seed we have for them.

Image IMG_20170109_122614.jpg © 2017 K. R. Smith -  may be used with attribution
Old Wall

This is an old wall (well over 100 years old) that used to delineate the farm fields in what is now a park. I hike or jog there when I can. These stones are what the farmers used for fencing before barbed wire came about.

Okay, so they're not so exciting, but it's all I can do for the moment. Check back again sometime. Maybe I'll have something better (I hope!).

Images IMG_20170109_122614.jpg and IMG_20170109_122734.jpg ©2017 K. R. Smith - - may be used, in whole or in part, with attribution.

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