Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Another Chance To Vote

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One of the books in which I have a story has been nominated to participate in the Preditors & Editors Annual Reader’s Poll. It’s Death and Decorations, a Christmas-themed horror anthology. My story is A Home for Christmas, where a young lady named Melanie wants to help out by selling a few ornaments. Can’t really say more than that...

Cover image of Death and Decorations - from Lulu.com
Cover image from Lulu.com

But if you'd like to spread the word, or have read the book and enjoyed it, please vote for it in the Preditors & Editors poll!

As I write this post, it is sitting in second position out of 45 entries (not all are shown in this image).

UPDATE: As of 01/13/2017, Death & Decorations is in 4th place (was up to 2nd as shown in image below) out of 59 entries. Keep voting!

BTW, Lulu has it for sale now (paperback only, at the moment) - click LULU to check it out!

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