Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Final Tally - Preditors & Editors Poll

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Looks like Death and Decorations took 4th place in the anthology category in the Preditors & Editors Poll. Not bad for a book that came out late in the year and hasn't had an eBook version created yet! I hope my story (A Home for Christmas) wasn't the one that kept them out of first place! I believe there were 60 entries in all.

2016 P&E Anthology Category

This is from the Horrified Press web site:

Congratulations to Thirteen O’Clock Press editors George Wilhite and Dorothy Davies. Horror anthology ‘Death & Decorations’ finished top 10 in the P & E readers poll this year. Also congrats to authors RJ Meldrum, Ken L Jones, Olivia Arieti, Rie Sheridan Rose, Perry McDaid, Dianne Arrelle, Edward Cooke, Anusha VR, John McCallum Swain, Matthew Wilson, Jordan Elizabeth Mierek, Maria Mitchell, C A Kerr, Stanley Webb, Bruce Markuson, James Pyne, DJ Tyrer, Thomas M Malafarina, Rick McQuiston, Nick Manzolillo, Diane Arrelle, John Howe, L L Hill, Shane Ward, David M. Hoenig, John H Dromey, K R Smith, Roy C Booth and William Tucker, and Dorothy Davies.

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