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Grimm & Grimmer / Fringeworks Update / The Saga Continues

UPDATE 7/9/2014

I have received an e-mail from Adrian Middleton stating they do intend to publish Dead Men's Tales before the end of the year as a Fringeworks project. He is waiting for a final list of the stories to be published.

Sorry for the long title, but at this point I'm not sure what else to call it.

Many months ago, I had two stories accepted for publication by Fringeworks. I had expected them to have been published almost a year ago. I have written several blog posts about them. There have been a number of delays, and I'm not sure if they will ever be published...  One was supposed to go to the imprint they picked up (Knightwatch Press), but it's been months since I've heard from the editor.

I had wondered if Fringeworks had taken on more than they could handle, and it appears this is the case based on what they've put up on their blog.

Posted on the Fringeworks website (under the "blog" heading as of 06/30/2014):

Fringeworks is a small-press publisher by day and consultancy by night.

Sort of.

We are based in Mid-Wales and Birmingham, and are focused on doing things differently to everybody else. We like to experiment, and we like to export the things that work (And own up to the things that don’t). This is where you’ll find all the latest news on what the Fringeworks crew are up to. Stay tuned! Lots of exciting developments to come!

Note: The site is currently undergoing maintenance and some of the following links are currently unavailable and will go live from July 1st 2014.

  (Note: a lot of these still aren't working - KRS)

Our founder, Adrian Middleton, has this to say:

“When we started in 2011 the plan was to have a small in-house press that could my dream of running a bookshop/pub-cum-events venue. Sadly that never quite happened, so in 2013 we changed gear. Instead of publishing just four or five books per year we took over a horror imprint, Knightwatch Press. That decision stretched us to the limit and led to more than 20 titles being available by the end of the year. We learned a lot – good and bad – and now it’s time for us to step back and look at things afresh.”

Fringeworks is going back to its original mission – to produce quality genre and other books that stand out from the crowd. To make this work we need to be transparent – both with our authors, our artists, our writers and our customers.

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They have always tried to keep me informed even when things were not going well, and they've had to deal with a few issues beyond their control. I still think they are honest and are doing what they can, but this is taking a long time. So, what does this mean for me? I'm not sure. But I still have hopes of having the stories they've accepted published (The Fisherman and His Wife for Grimm & Grimmer IV, and Skarrett's Treasure in Dead Men's Tales). I will keep you posted!

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  1. I hope they get published soon :)

    1. Thanks! After all this, I will certainly put up a blog post about if they do! The best timetable I have is that they MAY be published in their corresponding anthologies somewhere around the end of this year.


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