Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shore Leave 2014

This is the first of several posts covering events at Shore Leave 2014, a convention of artists, performers, writers, scientists, and fans of science fiction and fantasy in general that takes place from August 1 through August 3, 2014 in Hunt Valley, Maryland. If all goes as planned, I will be in attendance!

Here is a list of the "media guests," actors that have played parts in science fiction TV shows, Star Trek in particular.

Richard Dean Anderson http://twitter.com/andersonrdean/

Eve Myles http://evemyles.net/

Leonard Nimoy* http://www.leonardnimoyphotography.com/

Silas Weir Mitchell http://www.silasweirmitchell.com/

Robert Picardo http://www.robertpicardo.com/

Teryl Rothery http://terylrothery.com/

Michael Welch http://www.michaelwelchact.com/

* Mr. Nimoy will appear via Skype

I hope to meet a few of these folks, attend a writing workshop (and meet a lot of writers), check out some artwork, and do a bit of reporting via twitter - or maybe even a post here!

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  1. WHAT?! You are going to be in the same breathing space as Richard Dean Anderson?! OMG! :D Enjoy it!! Have fun!

    1. That's the plan for Saturday! I'll keep you posted!

  2. MacGyver is going to be there!!

    Have fun; don't get into trouble. Well, not any trouble you can't write about later.

    1. MacGyver is going to be there!!

      Which is great! If anything breaks, he can fix it with a bit of tape and wire!

      I'm going to try to drag the laptop and camera along, so I may have a blog post or two right from the conference!


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