Saturday, December 21, 2013

Is Twitter Useful?

I saw a tweet from Bethanne Strasser yesterday asking about the usefulness of Twitter, especially from an author's point of view.

I sometimes have the same question. I do get some good info from other's tweets, but it's hard to find it among the garbage that comes in, especially when some of those you follow seem to retweet everything that comes their way. Just a hint: it's not always interesting to everyone else.

What I've found is that I don't look at the main Twitter feed, but review tweets from various sources, like Duotrope and Horror Tree, and those from a handful of followers, and ignore much of the rest. I don't have time to read every tweet sent my way. I often wonder if others do the same. And seldom do I get useful feedback from more than a handful of followers.


I've put a little poll on my site that will be up until the end of the year. It's not a scientific poll; I'm just curious. If you have an opinion and would like to cast a vote, please do so. You can always leave a comment, too!

Thanks in advance!

Note: The poll is now closed. If you would like, you may still leave a comment on the subject!

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  1. Hey Wordy!! Btw, I love your Twitter cover photo--the ship. So fab! So I voted that I look to the resources I know and occasionally get responses. But truthfully, that's only half true! I NEVER get responses, except from you. And sometimes I will ask friends to tweet or retweet something I've tweeted that is promo related. I can ask people about dinner, nothing. Shopping, nothing. Sex....well, I haven't tried that one yet. I bet I'd get a response!! :P In any case... I'm not paranoid, but if I were, I'd seriously be worried that people don't like me. :D :D

    1. Thanks about the cover pic - it was the best thing I could come up with that was free!

      I know what you mean about Twitter. Every now and then I get a response/retweet, but not often and usually not about my stuff, but someone else's work - better than nothing, but is it worth it.

      You've helped me a lot and I've learned a lot by watching what you do, so retweeting or posting comments on your blog is my small way of returning the favor. I do wonder if you'll get more interaction when you are more widely known - Your book seems to be doing well - and it has some staying power it seems, so maybe it will get better. I haven't finished reading it yet - things have been a bit crazy this month and I can barely keep up.

      But there is just so much competition out there for readers - and how do you reach readers? Most of the folks I interact with are other writers trying to sell there work. I think I may have to spend more time on Goodreads - and get some more work published (I should have had 2 other stories out there by now, but Fringeworks hasn't done much to help lately).

      I just remembered - one of the first blog posts of yours that I responded to was about sex (you had asked how vivid the description should be, I think), so maybe that does work!

      BTW, sometime after the first of the year, I' send you and e-mail - I have a couple of off-line questions about promotions.

    2. Oh, haha! So true!

      And yes, I think being famous helps. No shit! I think, in general, readers are a shyer group. It really does seem like the people pushing and talking and doing out there are the writer-readers. But that doesn't mean the readers aren't there. It just means they're less likely to talk, I think.

      Who knows? Every once in a while, I'll see a random comment on a post by...Susan Elizabeth Phillips [huge name in romance], and I'll think, "Really? you write too? And did you want SEP to know that? Do you think she cares?" And then I go back to wondering if there are any people out there who AREN'T writers. LOL :D :D

      Of course, that doesn't mean the famous people don't care about other or new writers. But those are my initial thoughts... I think, as a writer, we have to be a little bit of everywhere. Personally, I hate Goodreads. But, readers LOVE goodreads. I'm there occasionally, but I would never try to hard. Ya know? it would probably show, and end up coming off as me trying to get my name out there and get noticed. The truth is, I've joined a few reading groups there, thinking I would find stuff to read. But what I discovered was that I don't take recommendations well. My book choices are completely personal and usually by-the-seat-of-my-pants or based on the cover. So, it doesn't matter who is discussing what books where...

      ...I do go on! Talk to you later!

    3. Your comments are welcome no matter how long they are! I always learn something from them. I feel the same way about choosing books, but I wonder if I'm in the minority. One of my biggest problems is trying to keep up with Twitter, Google+, blogging, work a real job (OK, I work for the Government, so that's maybe not the best way to put it), and still find time to write. But I'll keep trying.


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