Wednesday, December 11, 2013

This Week's Free Photo - Snowy Pines

My last photo, Canadas, was supposed to warm you up a little. This week's photo (yes, I know it's a little early) is going to cool you down a bit. A snow storm blew through yesterday, so I have a number of snowy pictures that I'll be posting over the next few weeks. So get used to seeing that white stuff...

This image is a little larger than most I post out here, but I thought it needed the detail. It'll also take a while longer to download. It could be used as a book cover or other background, and is free to use as long as attribution is given (see notes on this below). This is a stand of white pines (pinus strobus) in Gunpowder State Park, Maryland, USA. If you're in England, you'll know these as Weymouth pines.

Image "PINES_WITH_SNOW.JPG" ©2013 K. R. Smith - - may be used with attribution
Pines with snow

You can click on the picture to see a larger version. And if you do use it, the red text below can be used for attribution.

Stop back again! I'll have another photo for you next week!

Image "PINES_WITH_SNOW.JPG" ©2013 K. R. Smith - - may be used with attribution

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