Thursday, December 12, 2013

Give A Christmas Present To A Library

...and make an author happy in the process!

One of the writers I follow, Lisa Shambrook, is part of a forty author effort to help the Mount Rose Elementary School Library in Reno, Nevada through sales of a Christmas / holiday season anthology. It's called Tales By The Tree, and it's quite a diverse selection of stories (75 in all), with everything from angels to zombies! There's something in it for all ages and interests.

Image of Lisa with a copy of Tales By The Tree
Lisa with a copy of Tales By The Tree

It's available through Amazon for the Kindle or in paperback—just in time for Christmas! Here are links to the Amazon site:

Tales by The Tree

Tales by The Tree 

From the Amazon page:

Gather Around The Tree With a Collection of 75 Tales From 40+ Authors

Welcome to Tales by the Tree, a collection of holiday stories brought to you by a group of authors whose imagination knows no bounds. No matter how you enjoy your holidays, our collection features something for everyone. Included are Traditional Tales, Family Friendly, Holiday Humor, and Noel Nightmares.

Grab a cup of cocoa and settle in for a long winter's night with Tales by The Tree, an amazing way to discover new talented authors, many of whom are published and can be found on Amazon.

All royalties benefit the Mount Rose Elementary School library in Reno, Nevada.

Take a look at it and let your friends know about it (it would make a nice gift).

And, yes, I have a copy!

My Kindle with Tales By The Tree in the "Authors I Follow" collection

When I opened it I got a surprise as two other writers I follow, Jeffrey Hollar and Lizzie Koch, have stories in it, too!

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  1. Thank you so much KR, the more the merrier, and Jeff's and Lizzie's stories are great too!

    1. My pleasure! Now I just have to find time to do some reading!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out KR. This anthology was a labor of love for all involved and a tremendous assemblage of very talented people. The charitable aspect of this is really a very nice touch, too.

    1. You're welcome! It was a surprise to see so many folks in it that I've met on these blogs.

  3. Thanks for the shop window KR!

    1. Not a problem! I've put a permanent link on my blog to the Amazon pages for the US and UK so it'll be easy for folks to find it!


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