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Shore Leave 38 - Friday

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Friday July 15, 2016

I arrived at Shore Leave 38 around 3:00 pm and checked into the hotel ( Hunt Valley Inn Wyndham Grand ). A few of the actor guests were already set up in the main hall. The book vendors and authors were starting to arrive. I went to the registration desk and got my badge, then unloaded the car. Unfortunately, I had to leave for a while to take care of some personal business. When I got back, it was time to head into the "Valley Room" where the show was already underway.

At 8:00 pm, I listened to the talk given by Barbara Bouchet and Michael Forest.

Image of Barbara Bouchet and Michael Forest at Shore Leave 38 - July 2016
Barbara Bouchet and Michael Forest

Shore Leave is a mainly a Star Trek convention, and both of these actors appeared in episodes of Star Trek TOS. Michael was also in an episode of Star Trek Continues. Although Star Trek was a minor part of their careers, many people only know them from these roles. I'll have more on both actors in upcoming posts, including stories they relayed during their appearance and when I talked to them afterward.

After Barbara and Michael were finished, it was time for the comedy group Luna-C to do their skits.

Image of the Luna-C players taking a bow - Shore Leave 38 - July 2016
The Luna-C players taking a bow

Once Luna-C was done, it was 11:00 pm. It had been a long day and it was time to turn in.

There will be much more about Shore Leave 38 to come!

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