Monday, July 11, 2016

Shore Leave 38 - The Preparation

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Shore Leave 38 is coming up this weekend. It's a month earlier this year. That leaves less time to work it into my schedule—which is unfortunately full.

Shore Leave 38 polo logo
Logo on Shore Leave polo shirt

I'm not as excited about the convention this year. Partly because the guest list doesn't hold a great deal of interest and partly because other events in my life are making it difficult to get into the proper mood.

The one thing that could be interesting is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. There will be lots of fan-made movies and I can imagine many of the attendees will be decked out in their best costumes. There will be a showing of the Starship Farragut movie The Crossing along with many others, most of which I've never seen.

So, the plan will be to post to the blog from the convention with, perhaps, a few interesting pictures! Maybe I'll try to do a video this year. Until then, you can check this out:

I'll keep you posted!

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