Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Coming Soon: Human 76

Coming soon! Human 76

You may have noticed the hints on this blog that Human 76 is coming. It's also likely you have no idea what I'm talking about. It's a post-apocalyptic anthology I was invited to participate in by Lisa Shambrook. I haven't seen a cover yet, but I do have the story line-up (with my contribution conveniently in bold letters):

  1. Leaving the Nest by Lisa Shambrook
  2. Follow the Leader by M. S. Manz
  3. Where the Wild Things Are by Nick Johns
  4. Glint by Michael Wombat
  5. Behind These Walls by Alex Brightsmith
  6. Hiero Worship by Jeffrey Hollar
  7. Human X by Michelle Fox
  8. The Hunted by Steven Paul Watson
  9. What You Put In by Julia Rios
  10. Underneath by Denise Callaway
  11. The Song of Aiden by K. R. Smith
  12. Sand by Michael Wombat
  13. The Oasis by Rebecca Fyfe
  14. Sheshwatay by K. J. Collard
  15. The Ballad of Ash and Hum by Alison Deluca
  16. We Make The Future by (unknown at this time)

Sorry I don't have links for all of the authors. Or even all of the authors. I'll add them in as I get them.

Picture of scene from Human 76 featuring Bekah Shambrook
Scene from Human 76
featuring Bekah Shambrook
as Ghabrie

Coming soon! Human 76

...with my story, The Sword of Hexworthy Manor!

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