Saturday, May 28, 2016

This Month's Free Photos - Roses

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Oddly enough, I have a few new free photos to post even though it hasn't been a month since my last posting. Think of it as an early June entry.

Image of Knock-out rose, named ROSE-0317.JPG, free for use with attribution
Knock-out rose

In the back of the house, I have a few pink roses.

Image of Knock-out rose, named ROSE-0318.JPG, free for use with attribution
Knock-out rose, pink

This flower came up on its own...

Image of inner bloom of a dandelion, named DDLION-0322.JPG, free for use with attribution
Alien monster?

No aliens here (and that's the story I'm sticking to), it's just the inner part of this dandelion (below) that sprouted along the side of the house.

Image of a dandelion, named DDLION-0322_WHOLE.JPG, free for use with attribution
My single dandelion, growing beside the house...

Don't count on early editions of free photos too often. I barely get them posted at all!

Images ROSE-0317.JPG, ROSE-0318.JPG, DDLION-0322.JPG, and DDLION-0322_WHOLE.JPG, ©2016 K. R. Smith - - may be used, in whole or in part, with attribution.

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  1. Early June it is! (Who says calendars can't be flexible? Until last week it might easily have been April, judging by the weather.)
    I've always thought dandelions are pretty, especially big meadows full of them.
    Nice photos, K!

    1. Thanks! Here in the south, we've been on the chilly side until the last week or so. When the flowers finally came out in quantity, I had to snap a photo or two for the blog.


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