Monday, May 16, 2016

This Month's Free Photos - Earth and Sky

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It started out as This Week's Free Photos. Now, it's This Month's Free Photos. Perhaps I should rename these posts This Year's Free Photos. I tend to be a bit irregular in putting up new images.

While waiting for the Human 76 post-apocalyptic anthology to come out (it happens to contain a story I wrote - The Song of Aiden), I thought I'd post a couple of free images. They're just phone-camera pics, so they aren't great, but it's what I've got...

I've always been intrigued by the colors of the sky when the sun is about to go down and blue hovers near indigo, fading to black. The air has to be clear to get this effect. I noticed it a few evenings ago and took a shot with my phone.

Image of Maryland sky - free to use with attribution to K. R. Smith - file name SKY_20160513_12x9.jpg
Image of Maryland sky

Earlier that day I met this snake (a garter snake) as I got off the train on the way home. There is a lot of open area around the make-shift station I frequent, so finding wildlife there isn't surprising.

Image of Garter Snake - free to use with attribution to K. R. Smith - file name SNAKE_20160513_9x12.jpg
Image of Garter Snake

Check back the next time the Earth is in the same position around the Sun. I may have another picture posted!

Images SKY_20160513_12x9.jpg and SNAKE_20160513_9x12.jpg©2015 K. R. Smith - - may be used, in whole or in part, with attribution.

© 2016 K. R. Smith All rights reserved

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