Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Another Update On My Writing Projects

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A while back, I submitted a couple of flash fiction pieces to the Apex Annual Flash Fiction Contest. As expected, I did not win. So, I have these two little Christmas stories without a home. One of them may show up on this blog towards the end of the month.

Update: Just to let everyone know, Dead Men's Tales, with my story Skarett's Treasure, was published in February 2017. You can find it HERE.

As far as my pirate story at Fringeworks—they said it would probably be published in late September. I'm reasonably certain it was to be this year. I'm becoming more doubtful than ever it will see the light of day on a printed page.

I have a post-apocalyptic story submitted to Lisa Shambrook, but I haven't had any feedback or updates on that project's status in some time.

I had also submitted a short horror story for consideration in a splatterpunk anthology on Horrified Press. Then the editor disappeared. I don't even know if they received the story. The last status on this is listed as 'on hold due to editor issue.'

Lastly, I submitted a fantasy story (my first) to L. C. Mortimer for possible inclusion in an anthology, but I haven't heard back on that yet. She says there have been a lot of stories coming in, so the completion will be tough.

I think my batting average is dropping into negative numbers!

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