Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Swords Of Darkness: The Stories And Authors

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I've previously listed the writers in Swords of Darkness; now I have a list of the stories!

L.C. Mortimer (Editor and Goodreads Author)

  1. The Price of Ambition by Charles Jake
  2. Hallows Eve Street by Irene Ferraro-Sives
  3. A Test of His Metal by Bill Hoyt 
  4. Reynard and the Dragon by Kathleen Danielson
  5. The Soul Road by Shaun Avery
  6. Dance of Swords by J. C. Kang
  7. The Curse of Ennerath by DJ Tyrer
  8. The Sword of Hexworthy Manor by K. R. Smith
  9. The Vourdelak by Joseph Rubas

Cover image: Swords of Darkness, Edited by L. C. Mortimer

I've just received my copy, so I haven't read them yet, but this book is at the top of my list! And everyone can get their own copy January 1, 2016!

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