Thursday, November 26, 2015

Before The Turkey

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At some point during the day, I will consume enough calories to feed a small army.

Before that happens, I'm going to do a bit of writing. I haven't had a lot of free time lately, so today I'm going to steal a little and hit the keyboard.

I now have three stories submitted for which I am waiting a response—and have been for some time. So, one more can't hurt. The editors are probably stuffing themselves today, too, so any response is unlikely for the foreseeable future. Instead of checking the acceptance lists, writing is in order. The deadline for my latest project is only a few days away, so I'd better get moving. This one is a fantasy—with a dragon, no less. So, yes, I'm trying a new genre.

I always tell people I'm a horror writer, but it seems every story I've written lately is from a genre I've never tried before. Who knows? Perhaps a cookbook is in my future.

So, until my next post, Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I would read your cookbook! In fact, I would buy your cookbook. Do you have any good crock pot recipes?

    1. Finally an offer to buy a book even before I've written it...(Thank you, Tess!) and then I realize I've never owned a crock pot. Not that I have anything against crock pots.

      I do, however, make a very good fried oyster! I also do well with a number of stews. Who knows?


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