Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Anti-Bullying Week 2015

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Tales From The Bully Box got a five-star review! Just in time for Anti Bullying Week 2015!

Click here to read the Goodreads review.

From Goodreads  (by moderator Sarah Churchill):
I'm so happy to announce #AntiBullyReads for a second year!

*** November 16th - 22nd 2015 ***

This readathon is in support of Anti Bullying Week 2015, with the aim of starting discussions about bullying and our bid to stand up for those who need it and never be a bystander.

The idea is simple – to read only books that feature bullying during Anti Bullying Week. How many books you read is up to you, but in the spirit of a readathon you should push yourself to read a little more than usual. The book doesn't have to be *focused* on the issues of bullying, as long as bullying is featured in the book in some way.

Over 150 books have been suggested with varying types and levels of bullying featured which are aimed at readers of all ages, so there should be something for everyone. (You don't have to read books from this list, they're just suggestions in case you get stuck!)

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  1. Congratulations!! I'm a big fan of bibliotherapy. Is that the word I want? I mean that there is a book for every situation, and what better way to spark a conversation than by beginning with a story?

    1. I've been a bit surprised with this anthology. It has done better than I imagined. I was especially pleased with the 5-star review since I only gave it three stars myself!

  2. That's awesome, Kevin!
    And well-deserved. Have you ever noticed that we are always pushing this anti-bullying agenda with today's youth, but as soon as you turn FB or television on, bullying is so incredibly alive and well in our society. I watched The View once and I swear to goodness gracious they spent the entire time bullying the guest whose view wasn't as liberal as theirs. Name calling and everything.

    there is something wrong with the world today. Yes? Why do we expect our children to act better than we do?

    1. Thanks! Yes, there is a lot wrong in this world, which explains why so many people escape into books - especially romance books with happy-ever-after endings! And with six children, you have a lot of responsibilities there.

      Good luck with the Book Blitz!

      For those who don't know, Beth has a new romance book, Outside the Lines, available for pre-order on Amazon!


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