Thursday, July 9, 2015

Everybody Gets Five Stars

I'm going to have to give every book I review 5 stars from now on. Especially those that contain one of my stories!

I saw this review on Amazon today for a horror anthology. The reviewer hasn't read any of the stories (well, except for the one he wrote) and gave the book five stars. No bias here!

I understand wanting good reviews, and maybe this book deserves five stars (I haven't read it), but this review doesn't help anyone, and could dupe a reader into purchasing a book they won't like. If you're going to give a fake review, at least tell us something about the story you wrote! Amazingly, two people found this review helpful. I'm assuming it must be the publisher and another author.

I know that it takes a lot less time to review a book if you don't read it, but honest reviews are really what I want to see. I once gave a book I had a poem in only two stars because that's all I thought of it. I wish it had been a better book, but it wasn't.

Another lesson learned today about being a writer!

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