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DFQMND - A Midsummer Night's Dream Writing Contest

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A new writing challenge

So here are the details:

It is summer, a faint breeze blows, and the leaves are rustling. As dusk falls, the fireflies glow in a distant meadow. Have you not felt the magic of a summer night? Your story should.

Let us celebrate a midsummer night by creating 400 words.

For your theme, your story must take place, at least in part, on a summer evening. Also, choose one from the following list:

Your story should be posted on your personal blog or a friend’s and linked up with the Inlinkz tool (which opens July 15).

Note: The contest opens at midnight CST on July 15 and continues till midnight July 31. 

Prizes will be announced in a future post. You only have two weeks once the contest opens on July 15, what are you waiting for?

This is more of a traditional fairy tale...

Deirdre's Dream

    Exhausted, Deirdre fell to the ground and began to weep. "I'll never find my way home!" She sat wiping her tears, thinking how foolish it had been to venture into the deepest part of the woods alone. It was morning when she had left, and now the first stars were sparkling in the evening sky. In the air around her, fireflies now signaled their presence, while on the ground, glowworms answered in kind. As her tired eyes began to close, their rhythmic blinking and the warm summer air soon lulled her to sleep.
    She did not slumber long, however, as a curious noise disturbed her dreams. She rubbed her eyes and saw little lights all around her, but they did not flash. When she looked closer, each was a glowworm held up like a lantern by a tiny being complete with gossamer wings. Their voices, so high-pitched, sounded like insects buzzing.
    "I must be dreaming," she said, "but it's such a beautiful dream I don't think I want to wake up."
    In front of her, their lanterns formed two lines stretching into the forest as if marking a trail. Behind her, a glimmering carpet covered the ground from hundreds of the little creatures. They began to march toward her, and when she jumped away from them, they followed. The only path she could see was that marked by the rows of lights. As she stumbled along, the lights extended ahead of her as those behind melted into the glowing mass dogging her footsteps.
     She started to run and yelled, "Leave me alone!" With fireflies flashing around her, Deirdre raced through the forest as the tiny army closed in from behind. She ran until she collapsed, her heart beating madly, knowing the little creatures would soon catch her.
    But they stopped.
    Too tired to wonder why, she curled up on the ground and, in time, fell asleep.
    Just before dawn, she awoke to the sounds from a house, of people moving about. It was her house, with her family gathering outside to start a search.
    She looked back to the woods. Only a few fireflies circled among the branches. Slowly, a smile came to Deirdre's face. She raised her hand and said, "Thank you."
    In unison, they gave one brilliant flash like silent lightning, then all went dark.
    Her smile grew wider as she whispered, "I'm home now."

(Word count without title: 397)

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Looking for a summer beach read? Here's a new romance/suspense novella from Terri Deno (Kindle format):

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  1. Lovely. Glad I stopped by. :)

    1. Thanks! I've had so little time to write lately, but I thought I'd at least try to get something posted. Not quite my normal horror stuff, but you can't be dark all of the time!

      BTW, I just finished reading you story "

      The Perfect Confidence" (On Amazon, for those who aren't familiar with Beth's work). I hope you do more of those sorter stories (along with your longer works). I enjoyed it!

    2. I have no idea why my comment formatted like that...

  2. Replies
    1. This time... (begin dark-sounding music)

      Even horror writers have a heart - although if it's often someone else's.


  3. This is wonderful! Love how you play with us, wondering where they are leading her. Good job.

    1. Thanks! I really do wish I was allowed a few more words for this story - I had to write it and cut it back a lot.

  4. This was great. I like how the story twists a bit, so I wasn't sure how it would end.

    1. Thanks! I wished I'd had a little more time to go over the story - there are a few rough spots I'd have liked to smooth over. But I appreciate the comment and that you took the time to read it! All comments are welcome, but comments from folks saying they like it are really great!


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