Friday, July 17, 2015

New Releases by Immortal Publishing

Immortal Publishing, a small, Virginia-based press, has three new releases available, and they look quite interesting! The subjects vary from memoirs to fantasy—even poetry. And you know I like poetry, so I'm sure to check out "Rants."

They are all available on Amazon, and links are provided.

In Memory
    by Joshua Sutton

Sarah Summers was normal once, but now she spends her nights plagued by dreams of her dead family. When a demon is sent to possess her, can Sarah fight back against it and overcome the evil that not only threatens her sanity, but humanity itself?

Available on Amazon (Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > Paranormal & Urban)
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    US Paperback

About the author:
Joshua Sutton grew up in Herne, Kent. During his college experience he obtained a BA in music technology and production, but found it was natural to express himself through the written word. The feeling that there is always a story to be told motivates Joshua to work towards his writing career. He wants to be able to bring another perspective to the written world. “If you’re good at something, you should take pride in it. Otherwise, what’s the point? You might as well ask Monet to draw a stick figure and call it art, or tell Charles Dickens that Great Expectations should have been a comedy.” That is just a taste of the sense of humor Joshua brought to life inside his character Cornelius of In Memory. At the moment Joshua is working on his next piece of writing which he intends to title Shadowborn. Shadowborn is the second installment in the Trilogy series. Follow Joshua on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for updates, sneak peeks, teasers and event information. You can email Joshua at

    by Tommy Zee

Cover image for book Junkie by Tommy Zee

This is a picture of my life: Not flowers and rainbows, but mine nevertheless. Being misled as a child, drugs and partying became a cool alternative to the disappointments of life. My demons became my friends and confidants. But I quickly learned that I was sadly mistaken. Here I was, a pretty, bright, teenage girl battling rage, injustice and the personal ordeals of cancer and rape. But when the demons took over, it became a story of survival. Battling to overcome the addictions of alcohol, heroin and men had turned me into a junkie. Trading my family and friends for an imprisonment to drugs and loneliness, I sank deeper into my addiction. I couldn’t stop making bad decisions. My life no longer had meaning. It was time to end it all or take one more wild shot at hope. This is my story.

Available on Amazon (Biographies & Memoirs > Reference & Collections)
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    US Paperback

About the author:
Tommy Zee grew up in Newbury Park, California. Early studies of authors in elementary school inspired her love for writing. Edgar Allan Poe was the main inspiration during those times. Tommy finds motivation to write because of her desire for everyone to find something to relate to and have a voice in the world. When she isn’t writing, Tommy enjoys studying different artists and writers. Her favorite to study is Salvador Dali with Vincent Van Gough as a very close runner up. “It was only as I stood in the shadow of death, destroyed and alone, that I was able to choose life,” Tommy bravely says in her biography “Junkie.” She shares her story with us because she wants us all to know the dangers of using drugs and that the decisions we make do have consequences. Tommy is currently working on ideas for her next book and consistently writing on her blog which can be found at You can follow Tommy on her “author” Facebook page, “Junkie” Facebook page or on Twitter to stay up to date on any events, works in progress or advice from Tommy.

Rants, Raves, Hints & Allegations
    by J.P. Downing

This one is a collection of fantasy-based short stories and poems.

Available on Amazon
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    US Hardcover
    US Paperback

Rants about life. Raves about life, love and loss. Hints about the hereafter and darkness. And, Allegations about anyone and everything around us.

Immortal Publishing is a small press located in Strasburg, Virginia.
They may be reached by e-mail at:
Their website is:

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