Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Compliment

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I was reading this blog post on The Last Krystallos about Lisa's latest project (Of Mist and Magic – Really Slow Motion), and had to comment. When I got a reply and read the last sentence, I knew I had to post it out here to remind myself that I do have some skill at writing, even though I'm still a beginner.

I've read some of Lisa's work, and she is a good writer. She has even published real books—something I hope to do eventually! When an author you respect says they love your writing, it really does mean a lot!

Please do check out her ebook. Of Mist and Magic eBook: Amazon UK, Amazon US

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  1. You do have real talent for writing. You combine imagination and craft so that reading your work is always a pleasure, even when it's in a genre I tend to pass over.
    A publishing contract is just around the corner, I know it!

    1. Thank you, again! I wish I felt as skilled as you describe. I'd just be happy if my next short story was accepted!

  2. Of course... :)
    Also, I find myself--like yout--the last to know!! And I'm on facebook. LOL Perhaps that will be my goal this year, to find someone's coattails to ride, even for a little bit. ...hey, do you think Stephen King might put together an anthology you could submit to and be a part of? :D

    1. It's highly unlikely, but I'll keep a watch for it!

      Still, I know I have to do more than short stories and poems, but finding the time - that's the problem. So the anthologies let me get something out there.

      I always like the requests for submissions that say, "Send us your best, a story with a different outlook, a fresh voice, etc., etc. - Exposure only."


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