Friday, February 20, 2015

The Reviews Are In!

Well, just one, actually. But it was obviously done by a person of superior intellect and wisdom.

Roughly translated, that means he liked my story. To be specific, I'm referring to The Fisherman and His Wife published in the recently-released anthology, Grimm and Grimmer III, by Fringeworks.

Here's what Patrick Bolingbroke* had to say on Amazon:
Let's get rid of the children. February 20, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Colin Fisher sets out his stall from the very start when he writes, 'Let's get rid of the children.' Grimm and Grimmer strips away the Disney saccharine and tells this collection of eight stories, from different authors, as they should be told; for adults. I can only add that Aunt Nancy left me dangling and that I particularly liked the story of The Fisherman and his Wife which reminded me of the Welsh legend of the fisherman, Peregrine and the mermaid although the end of the tale was quite different and not what I expected. Enjoyable bite sized stories.
So, it reminds him of a Welsh Legend, eh? And he liked it. All I can say is, Go Cymru! Or something like that. I can only hope a few others share his enlightened opinion!

Grimm and Grimmer III is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats via these links:

    US Kindle
    US Paperback
    UK Kindle
    UK Paperback

List of authors and their story

    Colin Fisher, Editor
    John Haas, BB & The Pigs 
    Damon Cavalchini, If I Could But Shiver
    Kerry G. S. Lipp, Lizzie Knew What That Tongue Could Do
    James Ninness, Sweet Breads
    SMNilsen, That Murderous Thieving Bastard and His Beanstalk
    K. R. SmithThe Fisherman and His Wife
    Lesley McIntee, Wood of the World: The Grimms, Their Contemporaries, Their Age and Ours
    Julius Horne, Aunt Nancy

* Just to be clear, I have never met Mr. Bolingbroke, nor have I provided him with any remittance for this review, despite the on-going rumors by family and friends—though that's not beneath me if it works. The fact that this was done for free is just the bee's knees. Or the cat's pajamas. Or whichever idiom you prefer.

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