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HB Challenge #15 - Bad Hair Day Part III

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From the Office Mango website:
So the holidays are firmly behind us and we are charging towards the end of January 2015 already. This is much delayed and I’m sorry for that but, well I’ve been a bit busy with other projects and kept forgetting to put up a post. 
Anyway thanks to the lovely Steven Paul Watson for providing this weeks photo. Not an obvious Horror Picture but I’m sure you are all up for the challenge. Happy writing.
1:  Tales can be posted on your blogs & then just add to the wee linky tool, or add as a comment if you don’t have a blog.
2:  A word count of 200-350.
3:  Try to scare me, or at the very least create a little bit of darkness.
4:  This will be a fortnightly (two weeks) challenge from when the post goes live, so you’ve got plenty thinking time.

So come on what are you waiting for, go find your inner demons and get your scare on!

This is a continuation of the Horror Bites #11 and Horror Bites #13 challenges.

Bad Hair Day Part III


    Colonel Sanchez stood at the top of the ladder and looked down. "How deep is this trench?"
    "About eight meters, Colonel. The base is on bedrock."
    "And how far will the wall extend?"
    "Another eight meters above grade once it's finished."
    "And we're over seventy meters from the spot where this thing came out of the ground?"
    "Yes, sir. About seventy-five on average. It keeps sending out tendrils, so we went out as far as necessary and started building. Once it's up, we'll back-fill the outside with rock and soil to support the wall."
    "And what about the inside?"
    "We were hoping you, or Mrs. Henderson," the soldier said turning to the biologist, "could tell us that."
    "It's difficult to say what to do until I've had a chance to analyze it," she replied. "And you can call me Margaret. I don't think we have time—or the need—to be formal. Have you been able to get samples?"
    "We have a few. We used explosives on it and some fragments were thrown free. We had to collect them quickly. It seems to grow on whatever it lands—including organic matter, ma'am, if you understand what I mean. We have two men in quarantine now, so we can get more samples if you need them." The soldier's voice softened as he said, "At least for a while."
    "Blow it up? Oh. I see. So there's no hope for—"
    "You can't think that way, Margaret," Colonel Sanchez interjected. "Not until we know for sure."
    "I'll try to remember that, Colonel. Thank you. And if we—I—can't come up with a solution to control it?"
    The soldier took a deep breath and exhaled. "There was some talk from Washington about filling the enclosure with concrete. But we don't really know if that would work."
    "That's a lot of concrete," the Colonel said shaking his head. "It would make for an impressive structure."
    "And a tomb for everything—and everyone—inside," Margaret added. "I believe I need to get to work."

340 words without the title... 

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  1. So much tension you're building here, love it. Can't wait to see where we go next :)

    1. Then I guess I'd better figure it out myself! Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Always glad to see a new reader stop by. I hope the next installments of the story meet your expectations!

  3. Great stuff and, if I hadn't gone with what I went for, I was going to go for something with tendrils too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Tendrils almost define creepy, don't they. Your story is a good bit faster paced than mine with some nice descriptions in it!

  4. The suspense and tension building is brilliant. I like the no nonsence Margaret too.

    1. She's a tough cookie, and in a difficult situation. I think I know how the story will end now, but it might take three or four more posts.

      Thanks for reading!

      And I apologize to all for taking a while to get back to the comments.

  5. Intriguing piece that draws you in. Interesting idea. I wonder what they find!

    1. With a bit of luck I'll get prompts I can work with and continue the story! It will probably take at least three more to finish, but I'm hoping it's worth the wait. Thanks for reading!


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