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HB Challenge #4 - The Visitor

Here's another post in reply to the writing challenge on the Office Mango website.

This writing challenge from
Horror Bites Challenge #4

based upon the picture provided.

From the Office Mango website: 

So, what you waiting for - creep me out again ;)

Guidelines : 
1: Tales can be posted on your blogs & then just add to the wee linky tool, or add as a comment if you don’t have a blog.
2:  A word count of 200 to 300.
3:  Try to scare me, or at the very least create a little bit of darkness.
4:  This will be a fortnightly (two weeks) challenge from when the post goes live, so you’ve got plenty thinking time.

The Visitor

Image source

    I know the people in this house. I used to talk to them a lot, but they seldom come out any more. We used to play and sing, and sometimes have games on the lawn. It was so much fun.
    That was all before the accident, of course. When that happened, there were people walking all around the yard, into the house and the woods, asking everyone questions. I thought it was really exciting. Since then, the lady and her daughter don't want to play anymore. When I come by, they go back into the house and shut the door. They pull back the curtain just enough to peek out. I know they see me, but they won't come outside.
    Sometimes I call out to lady, asking if her daughter can play with me. That's when I hear the lady crying. I think they would be a lot happier if they just came out and played for a while. The weather is really nice this time of year.
    So each day I stand here and wait for them wearing my yellow dress. I remember once how the lady said my dress was pretty. It has a few spots on it now, but it's still nice. The spots are red. I don't know why they won't come out. If they didn't want me around, they should have buried me farther away.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm liking these Horror Bites challenges!

  2. Oh my gosh, that's brilliant! I love it. Well done, on keeping it from the reader who exacty had the accident, I thought it was the people in the house rather than the narrator!

    1. Thanks! All told through the innocent eyes of a child.

  3. Oh wow! Like Miranda, I too assumed it was the people inside who had the accident! Great story and excellent ending! x


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