Friday, January 17, 2014

January Submissions Update

This is just a brief update on my submissions...

Image "Feathered Quill And Ink Pot" courtesy of Simon Howden at

The Fisherman and His Wife (Short story - humor/fairy tale) Accepted a long time ago, and I'm still waiting for something back from Fringeworks... Perhaps being published posthumously is an option.

Skarett's Treasure (Short story - humor/horror/pirates) Also accepted a long time ago by Fringeworks (for the KnightWatch Press imprint). Mellissa Black, the editor, just sent me an e-mail promising the edits would be on their way to me soon. Apparently, I'm one of the last four to be worked on. At least there is some progress! Hallelujah!   

A Matter of Personal Taste (Short story - horror) was submitted to Penumbra - actually a re-submission of a slightly reworked version of what was posted on The Were-Traveler. Waiting for a response at this time, but they've just closed submissions, so it might be a while.

The Disappearance of Mr. Becker (Short story - horror) Submitted to The Were-Traveler  for their Lovecraft/Poe issue - awaiting acceptance/rejection.

Hunting Season (poetry - haiku) - A haiku about zombies for the Dreamscape Press anthology, Haiku Of The Dead, has been accepted! (virtual high-five here) A haiku about zombies... Yeah, me and Tennyson, we're like buddies. Funny, though, how any acceptance makes you feel so good.

Metal Monsters (poetry - haiku) - A steampunk haiku, also for a Dreamscape Press anthology called Clockwork Kiru, has been submitted. Still waiting on that one. Yes, a steampunk haiku. I'm very versatile. And desperate...

Todd's Little Friend (flash fiction - horror) - A flash fiction story based on a visual prompt for Massacre Publishing - just submitted for their Spring Contest. Their acceptance period is still open, so I'll have to wait - "ever so patiently," he said while tapping his fingers on the desk. With a publisher name like Massacre Publishing, I probably didn't have to tell you it was a horror story.

I have a few other things in the works, and I'll put an update out when something really exciting happens. Okay, so it might be a while...

Image "Feathered Quill And Ink Pot" by Simon Howden /

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  1. Good job! I think I need to get back to submitting shorter pieces...

    1. Thanks! For me, it's important to get some work out there for people to see, which is why I do more of these. I do want to get back to some longer stories once these are resolved.


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