Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Mixer - The Eyes Have It

This week's writing challenge from
Monday Mixer #28
( The Latinum Vault )
Note: Original link no longer works

A slightly risqué Monday Mixer...

Here are the choices for the location, thing & adjective (my choices in red):
Things:       1) slew              
              2) exemplar         
              3) decolletage

Verbs:        1) typify           
              2) debilitate 
              3) ensorcell

Adjectives:   1) prodigal
              2) fractious 
              3) vainglorious

The Eyes Have It

Image "Sexy Breast" courtesy of adamr at

     Miranda had a slew of learned skills at which she could pass herself off as an exemplar, but preferred instead to apply her natural assets via a scandalous decolletage to ensorcell her male rivals. Heads turned as she walked into the meeting room, her dress much more revealing than one that would typify traditional business attire, but there were no complaints. Certain of the outcome, she tried to hide the grin on her face as she took her seat at the table and pulled the revised contracts from her briefcase. As she sat across from Mr. Oldham, the chief financial officer, she couldn't resist one final vainglorious attempt to put him in his place and establish a superior position before the bargaining began.
     "My face is up here, Mr. Oldham."
     "Thanks," he replied. "Being blind, I'm never quite sure where I'm looking."
     It would be a long and difficult negotiation.

Image "Sexy Breast" by adamr /

© 2012-2013 K. R. Smith All rights reserved


  1. Wow...what an interesting twist! They say hard work makes it your own; women need to remember that!

    1. It's a good lesson for everyone. Poor Miranda was just used to taking the easy route, and it didn't quite work as planned when fate threw a wrench in the works!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. You have a real knack for a surprising and twisty ending.
    The last two sentences convey so much: the utter defeat of Miranda's MO, and the image of a long and difficult negotiation stretching on endlessly as Miranda scrambles to regain ground.
    Poor Miranda. She got her just desserts.
    (Just desserts and décolletage make for decollesserts)

    1. Thanks! The "twist" seems to be the way to get some action or tension in these short stories. Now if I can just do a few more longer stories! And maybe a poem or two...


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