Thursday, September 5, 2013

FSF Challenge - Beauty

Lillie McFerrin Writes
This week's writing challenge from
Five Sentence Fiction
( Lillie McFerrin Writes ) is based upon the prompt:


Semi-colons gone wild!

Beauty and the Thieves

Image "Hopi woman weaving a basket, ca. 1900" courtesy of

    The girl sat down next to her mother who was warming herself by the fire, despondent because she was not so attractive that the young men would take notice.
    "I don't want to end up like her," she said, pointing out an old woman sitting by herself making baskets.
    "Do not be so quick to judge her lot as she has been weaving her colored reeds many times longer than you have been alive not only to pay her way through life, but because she finds great pleasure in making the world a more pleasing place for others, even for those who will come long after."
    "What makes that so important?"
    "To have beauty is fortunate, but it can never be guarded so carefully that time cannot steal it away; to admire beauty is natural, but obsession and envy are thieves of your mind's pure thoughts; to create beauty, however, is to have everlasting joy that no one can take away."

Image "Hopi woman weaving a basket, ca. 1900" / National Arcives - Online Public Access

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  1. Wow. Now that is a lovely thought. Really well done!!

    1. Thanks! Every now and then I try to write something serious - sometimes it works...

  2. Alas! All things good or bad must come to an end, even the beauty we hold so dear. But pure thoughts we can always cultivate. Thank you for this reminder.


    1. Thanks for stopping by to read! We all need those reminders every so often, but not everyone pays attention to them.

  3. Always a pleasure to read your words, and this wise counsel...really beautiful!

    1. Thanks! And although I don't have the time to check everyone's entries, yours is one of the few I always read.

  4. Firstly, I always admire a deft touch with the semi-colon.
    Secondly... beautiful; I cannot describe it in any other way.

    1. And I cannot say anything other than thank you!


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