Sunday, January 27, 2013

Update #3: Grimm And Grimmer Submission

It seems my story, the remake of The Fisherman and His Wife, won't be in Volume 1, but it's nice to know  the anthologies are progressing! (There will be multiple volumes in this series.)

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  1. This is awesome! I recently bought a short story book called, 50 Italian Pastries. Reminded me of you...not because you write stories, although you have tried your hand, but because the author is a man. LOL :D yes. it doesn't take much. :P

    1. Thanks! Me - Hemingway - we're both men. I heard he wrote some stuff, too.

      I have a number of stories in the works - not sure where I'll try to submit all of them. And I have an idea that may require writing a novella/novel length piece. Now if I didn't have to work (and could just write), I could get this rolling a bit faster!

      Looking forward to reading your new book when it's out!


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