Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Poem Submitted

I've submitted a short poem, Among the Stones, to Scarlett River Press in hopes it will be accepted into their poetry anthology (?), In Darkness Dwells ~ A Macabre Collection of Poetry. 

Scarlett River Press seems to be a small outfit up in Canada, just starting off, so I don't have great expectations (no pun intended) for this, but you have to start somewhere. It would be nice to say I've had a short story and a poem published.

The poem itself is a bit on the dark side, and not lengthy at all, with 18 short lines.

Now, more waiting - no word on my other story to Fringeworks yet.

But there's more to do - I still have to finish that mummy story for The Were-Traveler...  (but I have until February 15th). Until then, you'll just have to read my werewolf story there (shameless plug).

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