Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another Story Submitted

I've submitted another story, a rework of the Grimm Brother's fairy tale, The Fisherman and His Wife, to Fringeworks, under the same title.

Vom Fischer und seiner Frau; Darstellung von Alexander Zick (1845 - 1907)
Public domain image, Fischer und Frau, from Wikimedia Commons

Like the original fairy tale, it's a short story, but in a modern setting and with a different ending. It's more on the humorous side than from the dark places I usually reside.

From the Fringeworks website:

Grimm and Grimmer Submission Guidelines

We love to find new talent and to give writers the chance to get recognition for their work in the public domain. We are currently seeking submissions for a continuing anthology series entitled ‘Grimm and Grimmer’.

A number of short ebooks will be released throughout 2013, culminating in a limited print run hardback edition containing all of the stories published by this method. With each ebook purchased from selected websites, customers will receive a code to be put towards the purchase of a limited hardback edition.

We anticipate a total of five ebooks, each containing six stories.

Customers who collect codes for all five ebooks will be eligible to purchase the limited edition hardback for free, excluding p&p.

Submission deadline for this anthology is midnight on 6th January 2013.

I made the deadline by 1 day. Now the waiting begins...

In the mean time, I'll continue work on my mummy story for The Were-Traveler.

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