Saturday, May 9, 2020

Holy Cow! Blogger Has Been Updated!

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I haven't been doing a lot of blogging here - most of my work has been going to my Patreon site.

Tonight, I logged in to make an update to a page and found the interface for editing had completely changed. Surprise!

New Blogger editing interface

I hope this means that Blogger will be around for a while and that has become a better tool. I'll have to spend some time with it to see. It also means relearning the tool, though it appears that won't be difficult. A lot looks like interface-only changes, but I'll play around a bit and see. It looks like spell-check is done automatically now. At least the attention means Google hasn't given up yet.

Maybe I'll even blog more often here!

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  1. My blogger always spell checks everything automatically. If I copy stuff in it underlines anything incorrect.

    I'll have to see if it has changed on mine.

    I've never considered that Google would trash it. It's still the only decent free blogging interface that can compete with Wordpress & far more user friendly. I've never been able to get Wordpress to work for me & most users say it is not user friendly. You can't change fonts & advertising is not optional. I tried Weebly for blogging but it has none of the plug ins. It's only good for static sites.

    I know 100s of blogger users too so it's not lost its popularity.

    1. Once things settle down for me (probably not until next year), I'm going to review my web presence and how to move forward. While Blogger's usage has bumped up (very slightly) during the last 6 months, it has never been a big player. Right now, Blogger has about a 1.7% market share against 63.3% for WordPress. Some of that recent increase may be due to people stuck at home and deciding to create a free blog - but I can't prove that. Long term (2013 to present per the W3Techs statistics site), its market share has been trending downward. While I'm glad that Google has put some effort into the product, a downward-trending market share is usually not a good sign. Once folks start going back to work, I'll check the stats again. Might give me an idea if free blogs were created to pass the time or if they are more permanent. Maybe do a blog post about it!


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