Friday, February 1, 2019

Mid-Week Flash Challenge - Week 92

Everyone likes a little flash fiction, right? Thanks to a photo prompt from Miranda Kate's 92nd Mid-Week Flash challengeyou're going to get some! This is from Miranda's post:

This week's photo was taken by a guy called Garret Stark who likse gaming. From what I can gather he took a lots of shots of his dice, and this is one of them.
Here's a link to the prompt photo

If you want to join in, here's what she's looking for:
General Guidelines:

Story length: Anything up to 750 Words (no minimum).
How enter: Either provide a link in the comments, or post the entire story in the comments.
Deadline: I will post a new one every Wednesday, but if you're inspired by a previous weeks, go ahead and write for it.
Genre/Theme: All/Any - completely open. It doesn't even have to refer to the picture.

This is a short horror story called Bones. It is posted on Patreon, with free access for everyone.


  1. Rally enjoyed that tale. Great ending. Of course now we want to know what he rolled!

    1. Thanks! Whats did he roll? I guess I'll have to find that old mystic and see if he has a new pair of dice!


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