Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Updates And News For January 2019

I have new stories coming! Here's a link to my Patreon post on what's happening!

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  1. Yay on the acceptance!!
    Love it. :) I'm working on Book 5, and have an editing deadline for March, so I'm working quickly as possible to get it into the best shape possible. It's only taken me too many months already. #newyearnewbook Need to get my butt in gear.

    We're moving to Camp Shelby this summer. That's in Mississippi, if you didn't know. I wouldn't be surprised if you did. I just can't get out of the south, apparently. :) Keep us posted on Shore Leave. I'm pretty sure the move will mean I'm not going to NY this summer.

    1. Hello, Beth!

      I used to have some friends from Gulfport, so I knew it wasn't too far from there, but I didn't know exactly where. Had to look it up on a map. Your family sure gets around a lot!

      I'm hoping you'll have your new book finished in time for Shore Leave so I can include it in the giveaway. If not, I'm still planning on putting out a full set of whatever Hawk Elite books are available. (Note to readers of this blog: These books have action, not just kissing stuff, so it's OK if you're a guy and you want to read them...)

      And I owe you an e-mail! Please keep in touch!


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