Thursday, August 23, 2018

Zombies Need Your Help

Zombies Need Brains, to be more specific.

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Joshua Palmatier has set up a Kickstarter to fund the creation of three new sci-fi / fantasy anthologies based on the following concepts:
He's hoping to collect $25,000 to fund the printing, cover the cost of the cover art, and to pay the authors (at a SFWA professional rate - most important!). There will be about 14 stories in each anthology. Approximately half the authors are already chosen from people Joshua has worked with in the past, but if the Kickstarter is funded then there will be an open call for stories to fill them out. He is always eager to read from outside his pre-selected group and has mentioned that the best stories often come from unknown or lesser-known authors.

Joshua has a track record for creating these anthologies, so don't be concerned about the   disappear with the money. He has done this for several years now, and the books have done quite well. I've already contributed for this project, and I contributed to the last round of anthologies, too. And maybe I'll have time to write a suitable short tale should everything go as planned. And please consider submitting (or preparing) a story yourself if you have something that might work.

As of this posting (August 23, 2018) the Kickstarter is nearly a quarter of the way funded and less than two days have passed. This gives you the heads-up that he has serious support for his anthologies. That doesn't mean you shouldn't contribute, however. There are some great perks for those who do!

You can read more about here: Zombies Need Brains Developing Projects

This is a direct link to the ZNB Kickstarter: Kickstarter

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