Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I Think I'm Being Taled

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Yes, the title of this blog post is so bad, and yet so true.

I noticed the other day I have stories in three anthologies with the word TALES in the title. Coincidence? Perhaps. It wouldn't seem so odd if I had stories in fifty or a hundred anthologies, but I only have entries in eleven published collections. Must be a statistical anomaly.

The latest is Tales by the Tree from BHC Press. If you're looking for an entertaining bunch of short stories for the holidays, this is the book! My story is The Last Snowfall. It's about a young girl trying to deliver a special Christmas gift for her mother—only she hasn't much time!

BHC Press was good enough to Tweet a link to an excerpt from my story, The Last Snowfall, published in the holiday-themed anthology Tales by the Tree! Thanks!

The next anthology is Dead Men's Tales from Fringeworks Press. My contribution is called Skarett's Treasure. This is a ghost/pirate story concerning a young man, Thomas, who becomes a pirate—somewhat unwillingly—to win the heart of a beautiful woman. You might find this story a bit hard to swallow. Then again, so does Thomas...

The final anthology is called Tales from the Bully Box published by Elephant Bookshelf Press. My story, One Above Zero, is about a girl who is the target of a bunch of bullies until one of the bullies sees the real problem. It's a good book for middle grade children.

That's all the tales I have for the moment. But check back from time to time—you never know when I might grow another tale!

(OK - I started with a bad pun, so I had to end with one.)

P.S. It would be great if you could check out Terri Deno's Patreon site and, perhaps, consider supporting her writing efforts! Struggling authors need all the help they can get!

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