Sunday, November 26, 2017

Tales by the Tree

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BHC Press was good enough to Tweet a link to an excerpt from my story, The Last Snowfall, published in the holiday-themed anthology Tales by the Tree! Thanks!

Of course, there are a lot of other stories in this anthology. Here's a list:

Grandma's Christmas Sweater by Marissa Ames
Falling by Ruth Long
Winter Hope by Lisa Shambrook
The Long Night Moon by Jean Booth
In the Outside by Raymond Henri

Merry Mythmas by Ailsa Abraham
Day's End by Mona Bliss
A Hell of a Thing by Lisa V. Tomecek
Christmas Preparations by Lizzie Koch
Merry and Bright by Judy Carpenter

Not as They Are by Eric Martell
Hollywood North by Leslie Fulton
Spell Spinner Christmas by Lisa T Cresswell
'Twas the Fight Before by Christmas Nick Johns
The Wild Hunters by S. R. Betler

A Christmas Change by Jennifer Garrett
The Town Beneath the Lake by Beth Avery
The Talisman by Lara Hays
I'll Be Home for Christmas by Mary MacFarlane
Wally, the Penguin Who Could Fly by Eric Martell

Rebirth in Bethlehem
Snowed In by Sara Daniell
The Last Snowfall by K. R. Smith
Jack Frost Stops by for a Chat by Beth Avery
Naughty or Nice by Laura Jamez

A Christmas Dance by Rebecca Fyfe
To the Top of the Tree by Marjie Myers
One Magical Night by Terry Crouse
What Is This Christmas?
The Yuletide Exchange by Rebecca Fyfe

Scarred by Tom Mohan
The Gift by Glen Damien Campbell
Christmas 1916 by Eric Sprolls
Scratch by J. S. Bailey
The Giving Gift by Raymond Henri

What's Good for the Goose by Mona Bliss
The Little Mouse by Lisa Shambrook
Thomas's New Coat by Marissa Ames
Unexpected Encounter by Ailsa Abraham
Picture Perfect by Alex Brightsmith

The Christmas Letter by Leslie Fulton
The Angel Who Didn't Like Christmas by Sarah Nicholson
The Star Shone Brightly by Lisa Shambrook
Claustrophobia By Michael Wombat
All the Christmassy Things LaDonna Cole

With all these stories there has to be something in there you'll like!

Also, this is a charity anthology. I don't get any money from the sales. BHC Press donates $1 for every print book sale and $0.50 for every eBook sale for this anthology to RIF (Reading is Fundamental) for the first year. So, even if you don't like the holidays, you can help people learn to read just by buying a copy!

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  1. Congratulations! Another story published, AND you are doing a good thing for a very worthy cause. Well done, old bean.

    1. Hi, Tess! And, yes, I owe you a comment or two on your blog...

      Another story published and too many that never got finished - but I'll keep at it!
      As far as the charity work, I do a good thing every now and then. It keeps people guessing!


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