Monday, August 28, 2017

Beyond The Shroud

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Beyond the Shroud, a mummy-inspired horror anthology containing thirteen (my lucky number) stories by Horrified Press, is now available on Lulu! At the present, it's only in paperback format—I'm hoping other formats will follow.

Screen-shot of Beyond the Shroud on
Screen-shot of Beyond the Shroud on

My story, A Matter of Personal Taste, is a reprint, although I did modify it a good bit before sending submitting to this anthology. I was just a child (writing-wise) when I sent it in to the Were-Traveler; they were kind enough to publish it and give my writing "career" a boost. My lack of experience at the time explains why I felt a rewrite was necessary. I did inform the anthologist for Beyond the Shroud (Cynthia Morrison) it was a reprint.

Here's a list of the stories and authors:
  • A Matter of Personal Taste  by  K. R. Smith
  • A Plague of Persuation  by  Shane Porteous
  • Bandaged Evil  by  Norbert Gora
  • Curse of Apnu  by  E. W. Farnesworth
  • Icy Ground, The Only Hope  by Sergio Palumbo, editied by Michele Dutcher
  • I Saw What Happened  by  John Kujawski
  • Palm Wine  by  Cynthia Morrison (also the anthologist)
  • The Book of Thieves  by  Cameron Smith
  • The City of Ten Thousand Gods  by  Matthew Frederick
  • The Patient  by  Mathias Janssson
  • The Unwrapping  by  D J Tyler
  • The Witching Hour  by  Matthew Wilson
  • Wind Joiner  by  E. W. Farnesworth 

 And, yes, my story got the first spot!

Partial Table of Contents - my story in first spot!
Partial Table of Contents - my story in first spot!

It was originally listed as being through the Horrified Press imprint Pilgrim Off-Fifth Press, but the cover only lists Horrified Press, not that it matters to me.

My story is about an archaeologist who makes a unique discovery with the help of a local. He shares the news with a colleague, but before they can begin their scientific analysis, events take a bizarre turn!

Anyway, it's out and available! I'll let you know if any other formats show up.

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